Food photographers in United Kingdom

  • 25 images selected 25 Tim Green Leeds (United Kingdom) Also serving: London (United Kingdom) Based in Leeds UK, Tim works nationally for some of the country's top chefs and restaurants, producing carefully crafted images for cookbooks and advertising, to include food, interiors and exterior images
    Food photographer Tim Green (TimGreenPhoto). Photo of 15 January
  • 25 images selected 25 Laura Hudson Mackay Glasgow (United Kingdom) Lolli is based in Dumfries & Galloway, South West Scotland. An award winning photographic artist specialising in food, creatively bringing an artists’ eye to the styling of every image. Lolli enjoys making food pop! Lolliography
    Food photographer Laura Hudson Mackay (laurahudsonmackay). Photo of 26 January
  • 22 images selected 22 Christina Groth-Biswas Maidenhead (United Kingdom) Also serving: London (United Kingdom) Food and still life photographer. GroBis Ltd.
    Food photographer Christina Groth-Biswas (chgroth). Photo of 09 May
  • 16 images selected 16 Nicoleta Trecica Oxford (United Kingdom) Hello! I'm Nicoleta, a Food and Product Photographer based in Oxford. I've always been attracted by food, cooking and baking. Trying to capture the food stories, I've cultivated a new passion: Food Photography. Thank you for stopping by and I hope that my work will inspire you. Please get in touch if you think I might be able to help you capture your ideas and bring them to life. Treats for Soul
    Food photographer Nicoleta Trecica (Nicoleta). Photo of 20 November
  • 14 images selected 14 Milena Ugrinova Reading (United Kingdom) My name is Milena, but my friends call me Mim. I am a Reading, Berkshire based food photographer passionate to create food for the eyes even more appealing. With a bachelor's degree in photography and a background in Graphic Design, I know how to create mouth-watering visuals and use them. Not only with local independent food providers, but I also work with national and international food brands. I'm curious, always looking for a different angle, making one more photo to catch the light in the best way. Mim's Food Photography
    Food photographer Milena  Ugrinova  (foodphoto). Photo of 18 November
  • 10 images selected 10 Mark Wildsmith Sheffield (United Kingdom) Also serving: Leeds (United Kingdom) The face behind Wildsmith Photography. I absolutely love photography, I guess every photographer says that, so let me explain. Photography, and particularly food photography is my passion, largely because I love food and also because I was a chef in the Royal Navy for a decade. Being a chef fuelled my passion for food and allowed me to create dishes that crews wanted to eat with their eyes as well as their stomachs, even on a warship. I’ve been fortunate enough to cook for thousands of people a day while on deployment, bake 100’s of loaves of bread daily and host the occasional BBQ on the flight deck too. I guess you could say those days gave me great experience in location food photography. I understand what a chef is trying to achieve, what a food stylist wants to create and what a brand needs in order to sell. I speak food, I understand the language, I value the industry and I capture it beautifully. Wildsmith Photography
    Food photographer Mark Wildsmith (mark). Photo of 19 June
  • 9 images selected 9 Euan Anderson Glasgow (United Kingdom) Also serving: Edinburgh (United Kingdom) Based in Glasgow, I work nationally for some of the country's biggest names to create carefully crafted images of people and food. My work has been used for advertising campaigns, magazines and cookbooks. Whether it is capturing the subtlest of emotions on the face of an artist or highlighting the feeling of enjoying great food and drink with friends for and advertising campaign, I create images that say what the clients wants them to say. Euan Anderson Photography
    Food photographer Euan Anderson (euan-anderson828). Photo of 12 April
  • 4 images selected 4 Charlie Bard London (United Kingdom) Charlie Bard is a London based commercial food photographer, passionate about being able to capture your dishes in a way that will make you and your customers hungry. A trained chef with considerable experience across the hospitality industry, Charlie has since swapped the kitchen for the camera, and shoots food, drinks and lifestyle imagery. As well as restaurants, Charlie has shot for brands, packaging and advertising for various companies, and worked on cook books and editorial publications. Combining precision and creativity to ensure your food looks delicious and your message gets across. Short listed for Food Photographer of the Year. I Make You Hungry
    Food photographer Charlie Bard (charlie-bard523). Photo of 19 May
  • 2 images selected 2 Jodie Mason Bromsgrove (United Kingdom) Also serving: Birmingham (United Kingdom) Specialising in Food and Hospitality Photography.
    Food photographer Jodie Mason (Jmcreativecontent). Photo of 10 April
  • 1 images selected 1 Matthew Rose London (United Kingdom) Matthew Rose
    Food photographer Matthew Rose (matt). Photo of 19 October
  • Adam Lynk London (United Kingdom) I'm known for my dark moody imagery. I have built lasting relationships with major luxury brands across the UK and internationally. I have worked on some of the country's biggest openings and rebranding campaigns. I have a relaxed approach and ability to deliver on brief for my clients. This has made me an essential addition to many leading businesses. I have been published in numerous media including Vogue, Condé Nast Traveller, Tatler, House and Garden, Architectural Digest, The New York Times, The Telegraph, Sunday Times, The Times and The Daily Mail. "Photography is my life, my passion and the thing that will undoubtedly drive me insane. I wrestle with every image I shoot. I work on the theory that perfection is possible, you just have to keep trying. " Adam Lynk
    from 300$ for 8 hours of work
    Food photographer Adam Lynk (adamlynk). Photo of 11 April
  • 29 images selected 29 Marta Placek Kraków (Poland) Also serving: London (United Kingdom) Hello, my name is Marta. I believe that every single photo has its own magic, therefore I treat photography as a pleasure. I have developed a unique style which can boost your audience's engagement. Work with me so we can create something special and out of the box. Marta Placek Photography
    Food photographer Marta Placek (marta.placek). Photo of 13 April
  • 3 images selected 3 Jullianne Medeiros Barcelona (Spain) Also serving: London (United Kingdom) Jullianne Medeiros es una fotógrafa brasileña basada en Barcelona donde tiene su propio estudio de fotografía. Jullianne tiene más de 7 años de experiencia en la fotografía. Empezó en la fotografía documental, y desde hace 5 se especializó en la fotografía gastronómica. Además de fotógrafa, Jullianne es poeta visual, estilista de alimentos, directora de arte, cocinera aficionada. Su especialidad es la luz natural, todo su trabajo esta hecho con esta fuente de luz, que tiene su manera única y irrepetible de contar historias. Conectar con personas, viajar, descubrir nuevas culturas, recetas y sabores, disfrutar de una buena charla, una buena copa, mientras degusta de una deliciosa comida, es lo que más le inspira a crear. Jullianne está comprometida con los productos de proximidad, preocupados con el medio ambiente y con ganas de cambiar la mirada hacía la belleza de lo que viene del interior. Jullianne está disponible para trabajar en el lugar o de forma remota. Jullianne Medeiros
    Food photographer Jullianne Medeiros ( Photo of 20 April
  • 3 images selected 3 Ally Mcfarlane Auckland (New Zealand) Also serving: Glasgow (United Kingdom) Hi, I’m Ally! To describe myself, I would say I was born to create. I spent my earlier life as an artist, aspiring to eventually become an art teacher but quickly became drawn towards the camera and after studying professional photography, I changed direction bringing me to where I am today. My love for food was ignited while traveling – and since then I have become obsessed. My work is creative and like every artist/photographer, individual and varied. I take risks, adding an artistic flare to my work which allows the final product to burst with personality and vibrancy. From an business elevator pitch perspective, my goal is to create quality, authentic imagery to drive customers to your business within NZ and further afield. Ally Mcfarlane Photography
    Food photographer Ally Mcfarlane (Allymcfarlanephotography). Photo of 06 September