Food photographers in United States

  • 63 images selected 63 Larry Hanna Las Vegas (United States) Commercial Photographer based in Las Vegas since 1976 specializing in food and architectural photography. Much of our work is for the hospitality industry. Larry Hanna Photography
    Food photographer Larry Hanna (Hannaphoto). Photo of 15 February
  • 54 images selected 54 Greyly Boscan Edgewater (United States) Photo Marketing GB LLC
    Food photographer Greyly Boscan (greylyboscan). Photo of 24 September
  • 46 images selected 46 Jeffery Couch Chatsworth (United States) Food and drink photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Types of work undertaken include cookbooks, editorial, advertising, commercial, packaging and PR photography. Jeff’s years of experience as a chef has enabled him to seamlessly produce award winning food photography. Exceptional Los Angeles studio with state of the art facilities for food, drink and still life photography. Jeff has a vast collection of props and backgrounds encompassing china, glassware, cutlery, fabrics and surfaces in contemporary and vintage styles. contact: Jeff Couch Food Images
    Food photographer Jeffery Couch (Jeffcouchfood). Photo of 20 October
  • 45 images selected 45 Ryan Tanaka Los Angeles (United States) Ryan Tanaka is a photographer for food and beverage brands. He photographs craftspeople and their passions; specializing in food, product, and architecture. He has a background in graphic design and photo archival processes. Currently, he resides in West Los Angeles with his two cats: Molly May and Bettie Lou. He feels awkward writing about himself in the third person. Ryan Tanaka Photography
    Food photographer Ryan Tanaka (rtanaka). Photo of 15 February
  • 37 images selected 37 Elizabeth Dworkin Los Angeles (United States) EMD Photography and Consulting
    Food photographer Elizabeth Dworkin (Elizabeth.Dworkin). Photo of 14 May
  • 12 images selected 12 Mary Luzardo New York City (United States) Una Pizca de Amor
    Food photographer Mary Luzardo (mcluzardomendez). Photo of 06 July
  • 10 images selected 10 Hector Coto New York City (United States) Cuban born and raise, emigrated to the north side of New Jersey in 2008. Although my background is in Graphics Design, photography has always been part of my art development, and since 2014 I've been shooting Beverage, Food, and Product Photography creating a portfolio of high-end shots done both for personal projects and for different clients around the US. Vhector Design Studio
    Food photographer Hector Coto (Hectico2683). Photo of 19 September
  • 10 images selected 10 Mieko Horikoshi Wailuku (United States) Also serving: Chigasaki (Japan) Food Photographer. Born and raised in Japan, matured in Hawai'i. Mieko Photography
    Food photographer Mieko Horikoshi (MiekoPhoto). Photo of 19 July
  • 7 images selected 7 Luca Rosati Siena (Italy) Also serving: Miami Beach (United States) PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER based in San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy. Specialized in FOOD 'n DRINK PHOTOGRAPHY, ADVERTISING and STILL-LIFE for editorial and commercial use. One of my goal is to translate the chef's creation into a wonderful pictures. Inspired by the colors and shapes. Say hello! keep in contact! Available worldwide. Nanimokamo_studio 何もかも
    Food photographer Luca  Rosati (lucarosati). Photo of 15 February
  • 6 images selected 6 Natalia Ladden New York City (United States) Also serving: Maplewood (United States) Natalia Ladden Photography
    Food photographer Natalia Ladden (natalia-ladden603). Photo of 12 August
  • 5 images selected 5 Brandy Yowell San Jose (United States) Bry Photography
    Food photographer Brandy Yowell (bry). Photo of 15 March
  • 3 images selected 3 Emily Miller Tucson (United States) I am the food photographer and content creator behind my blog, Resplendent Kitchen. I started my blog in early 2019 to share my creative passions for cooking plant-based food and food photography. Through my recipes and food photography, I hope to inspire people to cook delicious and nourishing plant-based meals in their kitchen! I shoot food in natural light or artificial light. I have a fully equipped studio with professional lighting for food and product photography. My style leans towards minimalistic. I love to play with light and shadow and bring out the natural beauty inherent in fresh ingredients. Resplendent Kitchen
    Food photographer Emily Miller (emily). Photo of 24 July
  • 2 images selected 2 Jose Mago Doral (United States) Magovisual creative studio
    from 550$ for 3 hours of work
    Food photographer Jose Mago (Magovisual). Photo of 14 March
  • 2 images selected 2 Alla Machutt Dana Point (United States) Also serving: Gdańsk (Poland) Alla Machutt Photography
    Food photographer Alla Machutt (alla.machutt). Photo of 06 August
  • 2 images selected 2 Tina Paymaster Los Angeles (United States) Food Photographer/Stylist, Vegan Recipe Developer The Saffron Stories
    Food photographer Tina Paymaster (tina.paymaster). Photo of 19 July
  • 1 images selected 1 Carolina Plaz Caracas (Venezuela) Also serving: Miami (United States) Carolina Plaz Photography
    Food photographer Carolina Plaz (carolina.plaz). Photo of 01 April
  • 1 images selected 1 Dora Cavallo Cleveland (United States) Mgracebakeshop
    from 100$ for 3 hours of work
    Food photographer Dora Cavallo (dora). Photo of 25 June
  • 1 images selected 1 Nikki Wyrembelski Midland (United States) My journey through design, art, photography and life. I have been an artist most of my life, a graphic designer since 2000 and photography is my newest adventure. One day I needed a photo of a smoothie for a magazine article I was putting together, and instead of buying a photo I decided to photograph one of the smoothies I loved making for myself. I realized during that photo shoot that I really loved photographing food. I could place it how I wanted and most of the time it stayed put (sometimes the food does have a mind of its own). That is where it all began. I'm still doing a lot of learning in this field, but I look forward to exploring this new journey into food photography and I hope others are able to get some enjoyment out of the photos I create. :) NW Journey LLC
    Food photographer Nikki Wyrembelski (nikkiwjourney). Photo of 19 July
  • 1 images selected 1 Alana Haldan San Francisco (United States) Sprouts And Krauts
    Food photographer Alana Haldan (alanaberry). Photo of 19 May
  • Gabe Collazo Paterson (United States) Also serving: Edgewater (United States) Gabe Collazo Photography
    Food photographer Gabe Collazo (Gabecollazo). Photo of 12 November