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  • 60 images selected 60 Sonya Metzler London (United Kingdom) I’m a food photographer and food stylist based in the thrilling city of foodtopia which is London. Shooting since the early 80s, photography has allowed me to explore a diversity of exciting new worlds. Yet food has always been as dear to me as butter to the French. The kitchen is my third space, where I could spend hours on end shooting with gastronomic geniuses. Besides shooting, I also enjoy rearranging restaurants in search of the best light and above everything else I love to skip straight to the dessert. Sonya Metzler Photography
    Food photographer Sonya Metzler (sonyametzler). Photo of 13 February
  • 4 images selected 4 Rajan Sembi London (United Kingdom) My name is Rajan Sembi and I am a Multi -Award Winning Photographer (SWPP 2018, Foodelia 2020). As a BA Photography graduate (2012), I am highly qualified in my field. My career began as a wedding photographer, however I also explored several other areas of photography which included working with celebrities on fashion photo shoots! ​Aside from my love for photography, I also have a love for food! As a "foodie", I found my true passion in photography as a food specialist. I have created content for Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo, as well as well-known chains, such as Subway. My creativity and passion for my art is clearly illustrated in the mouth-watering photographs themselves! R Sembi Photography
    Food photographer Rajan Sembi (rajan-sembi179). Photo of 14 September
  • 2 images selected 2 Melissa Morrell London (United Kingdom)
    Food photographer Melissa Morrell (photographermhm). Photo of 05 April
  • 1 images selected 1 SEBC Photography London (United Kingdom) WHO WE ARE Professional photographers/videographers based in London, specialised in Food Photography, with an academic degree in Photographic Arts. With a background in the food industry, we draw inspiration from our Italian roots, international travels and the amazing array of cuisines in London. Through our photography, we want to provide the visual link between the food industry and the consumer. WHAT WE DO When it comes to our work, we pride ourselves in being efficient, effective and dedicated to achieving the goals we set together with our clients. We play with the beauty and delightfulness of a dish to create a photograph that tempts the eyes. We have experience in working with chefs, restaurants, and companies in building portfolios, websites and menus. We have had the pleasure to work with renowned Chefs such as Francesco Mazzei, Chef Patron at “Sartoria” Restaurant, and Susi Diaz, owner of “La Finca”, Michelin Star Restaurant in Alicante. S.E.B.C. Photography
    Food photographer SEBC  Photography (sebc--photography956). Photo of 15 January
  • 1 images selected 1 Dharmishtha Gelda London (United Kingdom) Hey! Thanks for making it to this page. A bit about me: I have always been inclined towards creativity and Art in my life, and when I first started taking photographs, then I thought to myself, why not create this inclination towards a career. Thats when I started pursuing Photography and Retouching.   In my spare time, I enjoy Dancing and I am also a Board Game Geek. I enjoy creating new things and I also used to sell hand-painted furniture on Etsy. People would describe me as honest, trustworthy and a great team player. Dharmishtha Gelda
    Food photographer Dharmishtha Gelda (dolly7j). Photo of 03 November