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There's something inherently beautiful about a cluster of peanuts still nestled in their shells. The sight of them evokes memories of childhood snacking, cozy nights spent around the fireplace, and the satisfying feeling of cracking open each shell to reveal the delicious, salty nuts inside. And when you find one shell that's been opened just right, allowing the light to filter through and highlight the intricacies of the peanuts, it's hard not to be in awe of the natural beauty of these humble snacks.

88th Collection

Canele are typically served warm, and are often enjoyed as a sweet treat with coffee or tea. They can be found in bakeries and patisseries throughout France, and are a staple of the Bordeaux culinary scene.

86th Collection

This traditional Swiss cheese is famous for the eyes or holes but not only, it is very tasty and aromatic. In the photo, the piece of cheese placed on a rustic light wood and creates a monochromatic image that emphasises the shapes.

85th Collection

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