Caroline Ismail

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Caroline Ismail was born in 1982 in Beirut and was fortunate enough to receive a multicultural education in French, Lebanese, Romanian and an understanding of homemade cuisine.
Raised by food lovers, gourmets and wine connoisseurs Ismail was privileged to pursue her dream and enrolled at the Lycée Hôtelier of St Quentin en Yvelines, near Paris, France. Her hunger to learn and further develop her managerial skills allowed her to gain a Master’s Degree and specialise in marketing of services from the University of Finance at La Rochelle, France. Caroline than moved to Dubai, UAE and started her journey at renowned five star hotels.
In 2015 Ismail decided to make her dream come true and embarked on this FoodArtConcept adventure. Every day she works on her own recipe: I believe that the successful recipe is a large spoon of patience, a kitchen filled with trials and testing, a solid plan, a pinch of passion for food and photography and a drop of talent.

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