Gianluigi Fiori

Dublin (Ireland)

I am a dynamic
individual; a photographer, a father, a painter, a husband, a golfer nut, a
devoted friend, a older brother and lover of a warm brownie straight from the oven.
I'm a momma's boy and forever grateful that she gave me a Kodak X-15
camera at the age of eight to document a family trip. I have seen the
France countryside in the spring, spent the holiday season photographed in at a cottage in Norway, aimlessly wandered
the streets of Bangkok and marveled at the architecture in Barcelona.
I work and sometimes live in Florence and Dublin. I drink red wine because
white makes my head hurt. I drink espresso almost every day, love tomatoes and
a good pulled pork sandwich. My collection of music is deep, but my thirst to
enjoy life is deeper.
Having a camera
in my hand makes me thoroughly happy.

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