Food photographers in France

  • 21 images selected 21 Marlyse Changeas Valence (France) Photographe culinaire depuis 2017. Je suis située dans la Drôme au sud de la France. Pendant de nombreuses années, j'ai été inspirée à créer un univers unique. Je transporte les produits dans mon monde pour révéler leur beauté. Marlyse Changeas
    Food photographer Marlyse Changeas (Contact.lyzphotography). Photo of 20 August
  • 18 images selected 18 Sophie Loustau Paris (France) Also serving: Toulouse (France) Food Photographer since 2012, I lived all my different experiences with love and generosity. The world of the culinary came to me with its true products, its know-how and its catering trade. I work first and foremost with day light. My studio is as my own kitchen, a mixture of "home-made" and bought products. I photograph them as they are, gross, ready to have a rough time. Feel free to contact me (french and english speaking) Les saveurs de Sophie
    Food photographer Sophie Loustau (sophieloustau). Photo of 19 September
  • 2 images selected 2 Marianne Louge Valence (France) L'Atelier des Pros
    Food photographer Marianne Louge (mariannelougephotography). Photo of 21 January
  • 1 images selected 1 Franck Tremblay Fontainebleau (France) Also serving: Paris (France) Despite my reluctance to fit into molds (!) I present myself as a food photographer. Why? Because I deeply love the world of food photography. In fact, if I enjoy photographing dishes, I also enjoy making portraits and reports dedicated to those who, in one way or another, are at the origin of what we eat. These are women and men who cultivate the land, raise animals, work products... to obtain the best. Their environment, their state of mind, their experience, their know-how, their gestures... interest and impress me. I work both in the studio or on location for the realization of my shots, ensuring the styling, and in a totally complementary way, in reportage everywhere in France or in Europe, as close as possible to industrialists, producers, craftsmen, restaurant owners, farmers, distributors, traders, local markets. You will have understood, for me, culinary art has no meaning unless it is realistic and human. Franck TREMBLAY
    Food photographer Franck Tremblay (tremblayfranck). Photo of 20 April