Food photographers in India

  • 2 images selected 2 Caesar Sengupta Mumbai (India) The Food Shots
    Food photographer Caesar Sengupta (caesar). Photo of 02 July
  • 1 images selected 1 Uday Malhotra New Delhi (India) It's always hard to explain about oneself, isn't it ? But okay, I am going to give this my best shot :) I am a trained chef , food photographer & food stylist based out of New Delhi, India. My journey with the lens started nearly 5 years ago on the basic 18-55mm kit lens when I had just returned from Spain where I was training in a Michelin star kitchen. As i moved further, I discovered the beauty of lenses, diving into macro and prime lenses for certain photos which evoke the right kind of emotions. My experiments widely ranged with lighting the frames with either natural lighting or dark moody lighting set ups but always stuck to one personal style - minimalism. All shots , unless working on clients brief focus on minimal styling with focus on the main product. As I move forward, i only wish to educate myself time and again to deliver the best I can for such a beautiful field of work. My love and warm hugs to everyone. XO The Food Frame
    Food photographer Uday  Malhotra (thefoodframe2019). Photo of 21 May
  • 1 images selected 1 Jignesh Jhaveri Mumbai (India) We're a combination of flawless ingredients, fresh methods and fanatical attention to detail. We have a heightened sense of taste for fine imagery - we cook it up, style it down and photograph it to mouthwatering perfection. We've been at it since 1998, so we know which side your bread should be buttered. We are innovators. We are image makers. We are Good Enough to Eat. Explore our best food photography by using the links above. Most were created in our food studio+kitchen in Mumbai, India. Jignesh Jhaveri
    Food photographer Jignesh Jhaveri (one). Photo of 26 March
  • Indu Vishwanath Singh Hyderabad (India) A self taught photographer, passionate learner of visual arts. A true believer that a good photo is a product of a photographer’s vision. A Letter to My Food
    Food photographer Indu Vishwanath Singh (vishwanath.indu). Photo of 04 January
  • Sruthi Jayabal Coimbatore (India) Sruthi Jayabal
    Food photographer Sruthi Jayabal (sruthi-jayabal43). Photo of 27 September
  • 4 images selected 4 GURUPRASAD HEGDE Kuwait City (Kuwait) Also serving: Mumbai (India) Passionate Photographer and winner of International awards. TAMRON Lens Mentor. I'm a foodie and besides tickling my taste buds, It's always a pleasure to shoot for chefs or companies and create something special with light and props. Available to shoot for cafes, restaurants, other bloggers, magazines and the likes. Shutterxpose
    Food photographer GURUPRASAD HEGDE (guru.hegde). Photo of 20 October
  • 1 images selected 1 Arunprasad Sahadevan Kuwait City (Kuwait) Also serving: Chennai (India)
    Food photographer Arunprasad  Sahadevan  (arunprasad.sahadevan). Photo of 23 November