Food photographers in Slovenia

  • 4 images selected 4 Mojca Klepec Novo Mesto (Slovenia) My food photography journey started with our farm. I was sharing food recipes and as I shot the food those photos really didn’t do the justice to the taste of the food. So I started studying and observing and shooting and buying props and shooting some more. After three years of doing food photography my photo was in finals of Pink Lady Food Photography Award. Food photography is my passion. It is my creative outlet. It makes my heart skip a beat. It all started with the farm and now food photography serves me as a great excuse to bake and make a lot of delicious food that I can take pictures of and share them online. I like the fact that I can create my scene from the scratch according to the client’s or my vision. I think about the emotions I want to awake in the viewer, about the mood I want to create with props and with creative use of light. Recently I am fully booked with my client projects.
    Food photographer Mojca Klepec (klepecmojca). Photo of 13 August
  • 11 images selected 11 Dejan Hren Buzet (Croatia) Also serving: Koper (Slovenia) Full service digital media agency to help you engage with your audience. Creating content in food, beverage and product photography and videography. hren | plethora of creativity
    Food photographer Dejan Hren (dejanhren). Photo of 18 August