Food photographers in Dublin

  • 10 images selected 10 Cynthia Wong Dublin (Ireland) An enthusiast Food Photographer and Stylist
    Food photographer Cynthia Wong (cynthiaswong). Photo of 12 May
  • 1 images selected 1 Larissa Miiller da Silva Dublin (Ireland) My interest in art and the creative process has always been something evident to me. This brought me to graduating in Visual Arts and since then, my sight and my ways of thinking and feeling, have worked together. In 2014 I started a new journey: I moved from Brazil to Ireland and the big change of scenery made me realised my foodie personality and my interest in living a healthier and sustainable life as much as possible. Since then I developed a very close relationship with food and a certain care and criteria with products consumption. My change of habits and my interest in food and arts came as perfect match and I became a Food and Product Photographer. Larissa Miiller Photos
    Food photographer Larissa Miiller da Silva (larissa-miiller-da-silva781). Photo of 14 May