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Kayla Enright Photography

Immersive hospitality photographer, specializing in food & beverage

Winning photos

Holiday cocktails in a cozy, intimate bar.

89th Collection

A mixologist continuing to perfect his craft in the darkness of a classic upscale bar.

88th Collection

Shot in the busy kitchen of Una Pizza Napoletana, watching as these artists tirelessly work to create some of the best pizzas in the world until the dough runs out.
This was a non-invasive photo shoot, trying to get behind the scenes in an open air kitchen.

88th Collection

A New Year's Eve celebratory dinner with dumplings, lobster pasta, oysters, & red wine. A celebratory dinner to start the new year.

87th Collection

The Frutti Di Bosco, a fruity cocktail with egg whites for the perfect frothy finish. A neighborhood staple in Downtown Chicago.

87th Collection

Seared Scallops: N’duja, kohlrabi, fennel, golden raisin, and amaro cream in a playful ambiance. This was shot in an intimate bar in downtown Chicago.

87th Collection

Natural lighting on a gorgeous marbled bar top in the bright shimmering sunshine. This cocktail is an apple pie martini with a sugar rim.

86th Collection

The Shot-topus is a stunning golden, shareable innovation in an intimate restaurant setting. It sits beautifully on a bed of ice & florals.

83rd Collection

I met with Eric, the Beverage Director of an outstanding restaurant group a few times prior to this shoot. He is the brains behind every fantastic cocktail shoot I've had with this group. Hospitality to the T; he wanted anyone to feel as welcome as his closest friends. This Sake set reiterated that

83rd Collection

A summer ambiance with garden heirloom tomato, watermelon, & basil on lightly toasted french bread with dripping creme fraiche. The perfect summer evening with a perfect summer dinner.

82nd Collection

Up close and personal of tuna and micro greens presented in a pizza like fashion that is a revolutionary take on the modern cuisine

80th Collection