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Abhishek Khanna Photography

Abhishek Khanna is a professional photographer based in New Delhi, India. He specializes in Food, Interior Design, Industrial, Family, Travel and Architecture photography.

After a career spanning 15 years in verticals such as Design, Product Management, Operations and Manufacturing, Abhishek's passion for photography led him to leave his corporate life and follow what he loves doing. Since he has been on both ends of the table, Abhishek understands what it is to be in the end user's shoes.

When photographing, Abhishek loves bringing out the unseen perspective of his subjects. Some of his works were recently displayed in an exhibition titled 'Soul of Delhi' at the India Habitat Center, Delhi O Delhi Foyer. The exhibition was featured on BBC Hindi online news.

When he is not working, Abhishek loves traveling and sharing his travel stories and his experiences with food. On weekends, he heads out on the streets of Delhi capturing its unseen side and other aspects of city-life.