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4 years

An enthusiast Food Photographer and Stylist

Winning photos

This photo of Sticky Toffee Pudding was taken as part of my friend’s family project in putting together their family cookbook. There were many recipes shared and photos taken. But this was my favourite. I had taken multiple shots of toffee being poured over so I can capture every single flow. The best part was I was able to sample this homemade dessert which was absolutely delicious!

52nd Collection

This is one of my favourite brownies using a lot of quality dark chocolates, cocoa powder and mini peanut butter cups. I took this shot as I wanted to capture the lusciousness and moistness of these beautiful gems.

29th Collection

I just wanted pancakes that day and that was what I made and shoot. I had captured this simple and comforting home cooked food with fresh berries, honey and a dust of icing sugar. I used a white backdrop and background to give a sense of freshness like a blank canvas. All other colour components were focused on the pancakes and plate.

24th Collection

This is vine tomatoes taken in a dark/moody setting which I've been practicing a lot lately. Since the Food Photography & Styling course I did recently, I'm loving this style of photography more and more.

20th Collection

This was taken as part of my exercise/task in the Food Photography & Styling course in Le Cordon Bleu. I love this photo as it displays a fresh, bright and healthy start for the morning. I wanted to add 'movement' to this still life photo, so I thought a trickle of honey would do the trick.

19th Collection

Scallops on puréed carrots with prosciutto, asparagus and foam. I had fun plating and styling this dish at Le Cordon Bleu's Food Photography & Styling course. I love using dark props and backdrop as it gives more depth and character to the dish. The styling was influenced by the ancient Celtic design, the Trinity knot.

19th Collection