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Ulmo Fotografía

I’m Emilia and for many years, dedicated to design and digital marketing, I dreamed of finding passion in my work. I loved looking at photos of pastry shops since I really like pastries, but I didn't imagine myself in that. I realized that I loved those photos, not only because of their content, but also because of how beautiful the images themselves were. That's where my motivation for gastronomic photography was born.

Today, after a lot of dreaming, I dedicate completely to gastronomic photography at Ulmo Photography.

Winning photos

these chocolate bars from @delart are a lemon pie made in bars. I loved them and I wanted to show their beautiful design and at the same time give a hint of their flavor through the lemons

89th Collection

(Eva Kosmas Flores challenge)
Inspired by Eva’s use of Red in her work

I wanted to use the context of the strawberries being cut and prepared for something, but in my case I concentrated on the stacked strawberries which I think look great in detail.

88th Collection

I love playing with colors and this photo has a palette of browns and golds that gives uniformity and a certain elegance. thanks to @delartchocolat for these beautiful products to use in my photos

87th Collection

With @delartchocolat, we wanted to tell stories with this chocolates. In this case there are some old letters that someone is reading while eating this amazing filled chocolates.

85th Collection

Project to show a breakfast that comes in a box, but when served in a nice way to enjoy it comfortably, it can look very tempting

84th Collection

The main idea was to use a raspberry cheesecake in autumn season, trying to achieve a light and airy photograph where the red colors stand out.

83rd Collection

Who doesn't love a good chocolate with their coffee? Along with @delartchocolat, we wanted to tell that story, transport the viewer to that moment of enjoyment.

82nd Collection

Personal project where I worked with a blue tea, natural elements and steam to try to achieve something mystical but cozy. I must say that this tea from @adagioteaschile is delicious.

81st Collection

In this personal project I worked with a cold color palette trying to achieve something harmonious and relaxing with 3 adjacent colors.

81st Collection