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Jana Cáhová

Winning photos

Spring pralines, photo for Kate Baranovic chocolatier.

90th Collection

Photo for Kate Baranovic chocolatier. White chocolate chocolate bars filled with caramel latte. A unique filling created by combining caramel chocolate, latte machiatto and coffee liqueur from Sardinia.

90th Collection

Let the Easter egg hunt begin!

89th Collection

Raspberry mojito: inspired by colors…

89th Collection

Grapefruit juice in dreamland

89th Collection

Ring for a kiss aka my entry for one Instagram challenge…i call it "Alice in Wonderland on st.Valentine's Day"

88th Collection

Cosmopolitan. Perfect summer cocktail.

88th Collection

A fun photoshoot inspired by Alice in wonderland/ Emily in Paris. Red and pink macarons, petite Arc de triomphe, chessboard, red lipstick and glass of wine. …
Captured in my studio with Godox lights.

87th Collection

I’ve jumped from Christmas directly into the summer. And what else do you need for a perfect summer? Raspberry mojito, palm trees and of course swimming pool!

87th Collection

I call this “Christmas in Italy..Nothing beats roasted chestnuts coming out of your oven, colorful Christmas pasta and of course, don’t forget to deck it with boughs of holly!

86th Collection

When everything is ready and you can enjoy the festive atmosphere, Christmas music playing gently in the background in the run up to the big day. Nothing is better than homemade eggnog to kick off the Holiday season, on a quiet and peaceful December evening.

86th Collection