Jason Page



Corpus Christi, Texas

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San Antonio (The United States)



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9 months

I'm a fourth-generation south Texan, born and raised in Corpus Christi. I find peace in photographing food for restaurants with destination marketing in mind.
I truly enjoy finding the "perfect" in the natural chaos of how things may fall - each and every crumb has a story to tell. My styling is usually honest while slightly chaotic, and definitely not polished.

Winning photos

After shooting the menu for a local restaurant, I noticed how they had this one table that became bathed in some beautiful afternoon sunlight. I asked the restaurant manager to sit down at the table and we had a server bring one of the menu items out for this impromptu shot.

93rd Collection

I was photographing a couple dozen menu items for a new local restaurant and we had been putting the completed dishes on an adjacent table to my shooting table. I had a little downtime while the kitchen was prepping the next round of dishes, so I decided to move a few things around to give the table and dishes a little personality. Several shots like this were a surprise for the client who absolutely loved them.

93rd Collection