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A self-taught food / product photographer , helping brands showcase their products , by conveying a story through my pictures .

Winning photos

A typical kitchen scene . Shelling out fresh green peas , included our regular spices for a bit of contrast in the frame .

89th Collection

A typical morning scene in a South-Indian household . Filter coffee is a specialty back home .

88th Collection

A process shot from my long pending list . Wanted to capture a process shot , involving a flour drizzle action . Set up a regular baking scene . Shot in natural light and brought out a moody light set up.

87th Collection

A regular breakfast scene . A stack of pancakes set amidst a floral setup . The idea was to capture the essence of spring by setting the scene with cherry blossom . Shot in natural light.

87th Collection

Some brownies for the festive season . Added some drama to the scene by doing a cocoa dusting . Shot in natural light against a west facing window.

86th Collection

Freshly picked apples to showcase the mood of Fall. Created a depth in the frame , by adding several layers , one behind the other .

85th Collection

Farm fresh strawberries set up in a dark moody frame . Added leaves to throw in some pop of color . Shot in natural light against a small window .

85th Collection

I’m a sucker for still life photography, so when I found these fresh tangerines in the market with leaves and stalks , I immediately grabbed a boxful to do a stilllife Photoshoot with them. Shot in natural light.

84th Collection

A typical breakfast scene. A stack of blueberry pancakes with a drizzle of maple syrup, loaded with fresh berries. Shot against a window in natural light.

83rd Collection

Fresh homegrown bitter gourd shot in a rustic moody frame. Used minimal props to highlight the green shades. The wooden stool adds the rustic tone to the frame.shot in natural light.

83rd Collection

Colorful Macarons set amidst flowers . Shot in natural light in a moody set up . Created some depth in the frame by adding layers.

82nd Collection

A stilllife with fresh blueberries had always been on my to-do list , and here’s one .Added a few leaves and a flower for a hint of contrast.Shot in natural light .

81st Collection

Farm fresh strawberries .Tried to showcase freshly picked strawberries in a moody setup against a window , shot in natural light .

81st Collection