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Sparkstudio SG

Sparkstudio has been capturing & delivering quality photography services since 2017 in Singapore. info@sparkstudio.biz

Winning photos

Stunning Orange Chocolate Tart from Tanamera Coffee Singapore.

Milk chocolate filling, orange custard and dark chocolate ganache encrusted in cookie shell with a little touch of magical golden powder.

Photographer:@jsquaree | @sparkstudio.co
Cilent: @tanameracoffeesg

87th Collection

TheTeaStory Singapore Product Shoot by Jiajun from Sparkstudio SG - Bright colourful concept that brings people a feeling of joy and relaxing.
Instagram: @jsquaress

85th Collection

ZENKO Superfoods works directly with the farmers in their “seed-to-snack” model to ensure their clusters unlock the maximum goodness of this all-natural ancient grain.

Themes: Nature
Camera: Canon EOS R
Lighting: Godox

77th Collection

The picture is taken with a Canon EOS - R

The camera settings are:

Aperture: ƒ/8

Shutter speed: 1/160s

ISO: 100

Focal length: 50mm Sigma F1.4 Lens

75th Collection

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