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My name is Kobby and I am a photographer specializing in food photography. For years, I worked in the world of graphic design with restaurants and realized that a fundamental part of a restaurant's branding is what is shown on their social media. I am passionate about being able to convey the personality of each restaurant through their photographs.

Winning photos

We managed to take this photo with the @labrandr team for one of the restaurants that they work for. The idea was to show each ingredient that the drink contained in an elegant and striking way.

90th Collection

This photo is for the networks of a restaurant, in which there is a lot of vegetation and I wanted to convey the place in an exaggerated way.

90th Collection

A few days ago I had challenged myself to photograph a cocktail well, I had made several attempts but I couldn't, until this one arrived, it was just what I wanted. I managed to highlight every detail of it.

90th Collection

For this photo we wanted to do something without too much distraction, straight to the point but very appetizing and the ingredients stand out.

89th Collection

In this one we went a bit out of the ordinary and added movement. For this photo we used an internet reference that we found very cool.

89th Collection

Since I saw the ottoman in the restaurant I knew I would take a photo with it, a round plate arrived and I thought it was my chance to take advantage of it. To give it a little more interest, I played a little with the light.

88th Collection

This is the result of a class I took on floating photography in Colombia, with Danny Lopez. The teacher gave us the class, came out and left us to apply what we learned. And this was the result, a bit challenging but I liked the process.

You can see the behind the scenes on my instagram @kobbymendez

87th Collection

This dish since I saw how it was shaped, I thought about that location in the restaurant. I moved my lights, I put myself in the angle that I imagined and click! I got just what I had in mind.

87th Collection

This photo was part of my first work done outside my native country, and I can say that it was my favorite of all. When I saw the plate I said, this work of art deserves to have a photo that transmits its magic and what you see there is what we achieved.

87th Collection

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