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The Art of Capturing Flavor
As a food photographer, I had the privilege of exploring the harmonious marriage between visual art and gastronomic delight. My career in this exciting field has been shaped by an unshakable passion for cooking and a fascination for the way photography can immortalize the ephemeral beauty of dishes.

My journey began with a lifelong passion for cooking and photography. These two passions intertwined naturally, guiding me towards a path where visual aesthetics and culinary art meet. Guided by my insatiable curiosity, I began to explore photographic techniques specific to gastronomy, learning to play with light, textures and compositions to capture the quintessence of each dish.

Over the years, I have refined my art by working with various renowned chefs, starred restaurants and prestigious food brands. Each collaboration has offered me a new perspective, expanding my creative horizons and enriching my understanding of the many facets of gastronomy. From traditional cuisine to the latest gastronomic trends, I had the opportunity to explore an infinite palette of flavors and presentations, each offering its own artistic challenge.

As a food photographer, my ultimate goal is to transcend the purely visual aspect to create an immersive sensory experience. Each shot is meticulously designed to evoke emotions, memories and culinary aspirations in the viewer. Whether through the capture of a sumptuously prepared dish, a fresh ingredient picked from the garden or a lively kitchen scene, I strive to tell stories through my photographs.

Beyond the artistic aspect, my work also involves close collaboration with chefs, food stylists and customers to realize their vision and convey the very essence of their cuisine. Effective communication, flexibility and a keen eye for detail are essential skills that allow me to transform abstract concepts into tangible and evocative images.

Winning photos

In a burst of scarlet color, the wine dances with grace, splashing the glass with a carmine symphony. Each drop captures the purple essence of passion and sophistication, freezing the moment in an artistic explosion. The combination of deep red and purple liquid reveals the intensity and richness of the flavors to come, a prelude to a bewitching and intoxicating tasting.

101st Collection

"Tart sweetness encrusted in a golden crust, this lemon tart captures the sunny radiance of citrus. Each bite is an explosion of freshness and flavor, a hymn to gluttony that awakens the senses. Let yourself be seduced by this bright yellow delight that invites you to a sweet and sparkling break."

101st Collection