Alena Přichystalová




🇨🇿 Czech Republic



4 awards left until the Senior Member

2nd place in Czech Republic

With us

2 years

Studio Name

Alena Přichystalová

Food photographer/Food stylist from Czech republic.

Hello! I’m happy that you’re here.

My name is Alena. I love everything about food. I love food photography, leafing through cookbooks and nice table set ups. I love baking for my friends and family. My passion is to tell stories through my work. Food is all about emotions and there is always a story behind waiting to be told.

What I do

Photography (Food, Products & People)
Food styling
Food & recipes content

Winning photos

Chocolate madness with baked chocolate donuts with dark chocolate glaze.

89th Collection

I love to play with the natural light. It is always such an adventure. In this photography, I wanted to create dramatic atmosphere by playing with highlights and shadows. Highlights drawn our eyes for the cookie but it’s the shadows that add depth to this frame.

88th Collection

I love brown colour and monochromatic styling. Different shades of brown gives to the photo of donuts warm and inviting atmosphere.

88th Collection

I try to challenge myself to photograph brioche in another way. I was trying several compositions in flatlay, but finally I went in last shots for the version with cut slices and sugar dusting. It was a right decision.

86th Collection

There's nothing better than a piece of bundt cake, a cup of coffee and chatting with friends. Behind every photo, there is a story and behind this one, there is a story of a workshop in Finland and its last day when we photographed the cardamom bundt cake.

85th Collection

I am a huge fan of action shots and dusting is my favorite. It reminds me how food photography can be playful and creates emotions. While taking this shot, I took advantage of the sunny morning light when the sun was shining in my room.

85th Collection