Poonam Singh



New Delhi

🇮🇳 India

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Mumbai (India)

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10000$ for 3 hours of work





3 awards left until the Senior Member

2nd place in India

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3 months

Studio Name

My Black Plate

A Self-Taught photographer and a food stylist based in New Delhi, India. who in recent years taken a place among the foremost photographers in Food photography genre.
With a background of Arts and Design, Poonam started her career a designer and following her passion in photography and styling started capturing the images of foods she likes and publised in the social media. One day a photo went viral and this was the starting. Poonam co-founded My Black Plate a specialied photo and videography content creation company and setup a studio in New Delhi.
My Black Plate (MBP) is currently serving many leading global brand.

Winning photos

Capturing the vibrant essence of pomegranates through the lens. 📸🌿

95th Collection

Capturing the Beauty of Flavor Suspended in Air! 📸🌊

95th Collection

Look for the magic in every moment.

94th Collection

The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it.

94th Collection

When life gives you grapes make some good wine 🍷..

94th Collection

Capture the magic of early mornings with bread photography. The serenity, fresh beginnings, and inviting aroma blend beautifully in captivating images. Explore the art of combining photography with a morning vibe to showcase the warmth and beauty of freshly baked bread.

93rd Collection

An India Summer - watermelon most prominently occurs in Autumn, a period of unseasonably warm and dry. This Red natural color and the backdrop of our Ancestor's kitchen is authentic

93rd Collection