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2 years

Winning photos

This photo was taken for Viña Maipo, one of the most widespread Chilean wine brands in the world.
The idea was to show their segment of Mi Pueblo, a wine inspired by the land and the heart of the valley where it is produced. @maipowines

103rd Collection

This photo was taken for Viña Maipo, one of the most widespread Chilean wine brands in the world.
This photo in particular is for the campaign for its distribution in Norway. @maipowines

103rd Collection

This is Don Lorenzo, the flagship pisco of @piscobauza without a doubt, its aging in oak barrels forges its true character.

This photo was taken for the 2023 campaign and under the coordination of the agency

102nd Collection

I took this photo for the Ritz-Carlton Santiago, Chile. @ritzcarltonsantiago
Grilled Angus veal loin, Cauliflower puree, grilled pebre, roasted hearts of palm stuffed with free-range chicken foie gras and black beer sauce.

101st Collection

Flor de Sakura, a cocktail based on Bonanto, fine sherry and multifloral mead created at @SiamThaiChile by their wonderful team of bartenders. Located in the Barrio Italia of Santiago de Chile, Siam Thai, famous for its cocktails and its biannual menu renewals that seek to offer different flavors each season.
The team of bartenders seeks to create cocktails always innovating in creativity and processes @j.riosb @baviveros @oenanocortala @joce.barmaid

84th Collection

El Buena Vibra is a cocktail with coconut flavored rum, blue curacao and other secrets, created in a bar that no longer exists in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela. Don Pater was in charge of creating his own version of this iconic drink, maintaining its tropical essence @coctelesdonpater

84th Collection

I took this photo for a brand that I have worked with frequently, the idea was to capture a little of the movement when you serve the gin in a glass. @ginprovincia

82nd Collection

The Unusual Sour, created by Sergio @mr.spinser, it is a transparent pisco sour. It is one of the flagship cocktails of Malva Loca directed by Renzo @tissinetti . When I took this photograph, I had in mind to photography the exact moment in which the essential oils of the lemon peel shoot out.

82nd Collection

This dish was created by @cheffvieira for the new menu of Mía Bar, I have photographed many times for Jorge and his team, and this time he wanted the photos to be more minimalist and let the dish speak for itself.

79th Collection

Make this shot was a lot of fun, I was photographing dishes and pasta all day in a pasta factory, almost at the end they decided to take some photos of raw products and as soon as I saw these linguine, I told myself that I had to take a macro shot of them.

79th Collection

This photo marks a before and after, it was taken in 2020 shortly after the quarantine was relaxed in Santiago de Chile and the first restaurant I attended in the spring, to take this photo I used a steamer while my assistant held the camera.

The restaurant is called @eltemplosushi on instagram you will find it

78th Collection

Clams au gratin with white sauce, scented with Trä-Kál, anise, buttery cheese and toasted garlic.
Chef Luis Aurelio Garay. Restaurant 1756

I took this photo for a restaurant that closed after the social explosion that happened here in Chile.
It is a nice memory of a place that had potential, but circumstances led to its closure.

78th Collection