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Winning photos

Périgord Noir sturgeon, collection tomatoes, caviar oil.

Dish imagined by chef Oscar Garcia of the Cueillette restaurant in Altillac, France.

89th Collection

Coffee bean, old-fashioned crunchy and veil of milk.

Dessert designed by pastry chef Nicolas Pelletier of the Voyage Samaritaine restaurant in Paris.

89th Collection

Asparagus, bottarge, caviar and flower imagined by chef Jimmy Elisabeth for the restaurant Voyage Samaritaine in Paris.

88th Collection

Champagne & foie gras tartlet. A delicacy imagined by chef Christopher Portelli for Elyseum in Paris.

88th Collection

The dessert around the honey of the pastry chef Moulaye Fanny that can be found at the restaurant Cueillette located in Altillac in the south-west of France.

Praline with sunflower seeds, earl gray tea gel, toast ice cream, gavotte tuile and flowers from the garden.

88th Collection

This photo highlights the purity of Joël Robuchon's Atelier Saint-Germain dessert. The purpose of this image is to highlight the millimetric dressing of a michelin star as well as the magnificent golden crockery.

87th Collection

Drunken Armagnac lobster, burnt leeks, and lobster sabayon.

Culinary creation by chef Boris Campanella around the lobster. This dish was offered at the restaurant l'Ecrin, the gastronomic table of the Hotel de Crillon.

87th Collection

La Bûche de Noël: Vieux Cacaoyers 1955, by Matthieu Carlin at the Hotel de Crillon.

The Christmas log reveals a cocoa nib mousse combined with a Sacher biscuit, a creamy chocolate flavored with lime zest and a crispy praline and cocoa bean.

87th Collection

Raspberry and lemon thyme in a crispy gavotte by Matthieu Carlin at the Michelin star’s restaurant l'écrin of the Hotel de Crillon in Paris.

Crispy gavotte, fromage blanc foam, fresh raspberry sorbet, sour caramel and crystallized lemon thyme.

86th Collection

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