Youssof Chami




🇱🇧 Lebanon

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Sydney (Australia)

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50$ per hour | 2 hours minimum



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1st place in Lebanon

107th place in Australia

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9 months

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Welcome to my world of visual storytelling through the lens! With over a decade of experience capturing the beauty of food and products, I find immense joy in showcasing the artistry and vibrancy that each frame holds. Hailing from the resilient land of Lebanon, a country marked by a history of crises and wars, I am determined to let my passion for photography transcend any challenges. Despite the adversities, my love for the craft remains unwavering. Your support and encouragement fuel my pride in the work I create. Join me on this journey as we celebrate the art of photography amidst the resilience of Lebanon.

Winning photos

Pistachio filled Maamoul; One of the middle Eastern sweets made by “Baytna La Mia Casa”, the international Lebanese institution that produces organic boxed and frozen foods. @lamiacasalb

97th Collection

Meat patties dough. A photo session for Baytna La Mia Casa, Lebanese international institution that produces organic frozen food. @lamiacasalb

96th Collection