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Ryoko Hirai

Tokyo (Japan)

Everyday life is dramatic, and something is constantly changing in our daily lives. The same day will never happen again.
The casual daily life becomes memorable over the years and becomes a story for each person. I took pictures of my daily life and started thinking about human well-being.
"What is happiness?", "What does it mean to live?", "What is a human being?"
I would like to share my thoughts on a universal theme with many people in my work.
I want to express the real world as fine art. For me, the cameras and photographs that give shape to them are very important, and I would like to focus on promoting the appeal of art.

日常こそドラマチックであり、日々の生活の中でいつも何か変化は起きています。 1日として同じ日はありません。
「幸せとは何か」、「生きることはどういうことか」、「人間とは何なのか」、 普遍的なテーマを作品を通して多くの人々と思いを分かち合いたいと思っています。

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