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Started working as a food photographer in 2022, mainly in Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City, Japan. Although it is still a side job, I am gradually starting to receive requests from customers. While I'm still learning, I've come across many wonderful food photos, and while I'm making them my own, I'm working hard to take even more delicious photos.

Winning photos

Tart with lots of fruit. Enjoy the colorful fruits that change with the seasons.

103rd Collection

I like to eat biscuits with maple syrup. I really like how they sparkle when the light hits them. I used darker colors for everything except the main biscuit so that the main biscuit stands out.

102nd Collection

A croissant sandwiched with chocolate cream, fresh cream, and orange. The happiness of mixing the sweetness of chocolate and the bitterness of orange in your mouth

101st Collection

French toast made on a cold morning Spring is almost here in Japan, but it was winter when I took this photo. French toast and coffee are the only way to warm up.

101st Collection

In Japan, there is something called ``Oseibo,'' where gifts are given at the end of the year. I took a photo of the beer I received at that time. Make sure it doesn't get too dark with single lamp lighting and a silver reflex camera.

100th Collection

I bought a teacup, so I wanted to use it to prepare a cheese soufflé. Gypsophila matches the color of cheese soufflé, and the overall color is white.

100th Collection

A December limited item that my wife found and brought to me. No sugar is used, and the sweetness of the dried fruits and honey combined with the crunchy texture of the nuts is irresistible. Time to enjoy special small but heavy bread with whiskey.

99th Collection