Food photographers in Melbourne

  • 22 images selected 22 Julia Wharington Melbourne (Australia) Hello I'm Julia, a food photographer, stylist, and certified cook from Benalla VIC, a short 2h drive North of Melbourne. I decided to leave my desk job in 2018 and pursue a career in the food industry, given that my happy place is in the kitchen, cooking up a storm. This happy place quickly expanded to my photography studio, and I gotta say, making the decision to start my own photography business has been the best decision I've ever made. I equally like to shoot food and drinks, and can offer the whole package, from recipe development, testing, styling and of course shooting for online content, print, or whatever else you have in mind. Paddock 2 Pixel
    Food photographer Julia Wharington (juliawharington). Photo of 25 June
  • 14 images selected 14 Therese Bourne Melbourne (Australia) Hi, I'm Therese. I'm a freelance food and product photographer living in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from the U.K., I worked as a fashion designer in London, Hong Kong and Australia. In 2012 I ceased running my own fashion brand to focus on my photography career. I've lived in Melbourne for over twenty years and I'm constantly excited by it's vibrant, multicultural food scene. There are so many amazing restaurants and such fabulous produce here. My work is inspired by the beauty in food's natural shapes and colours, and by the emotion and drama that can be evoked through light and shadow. I've worked on shoots for restaurants, magazines, e-commerce stores, websites and social media content to bring clients' visions to life, and I love creative collaboration and teamwork. Therese Bourne Photography
    Food photographer Therese Bourne (therese). Photo of 11 July
  • 2 images selected 2 Felicia Chuo Melbourne (Australia) Fliske's Food Studio
    Food photographer Felicia Chuo (chuofelicia). Photo of 24 January