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  • 17 images selected 17 Maxine Lock Sydney (Australia) I'm a food, beverage & product photographer based in Sydney, Australia. I love food, and I love photography, and there is nothing more that I love than being able to play/style/eat food while taking beautiful images! I also love playing with liquids, and I do have fun making a mess and being creative with beverage images as well! I generally prefer to use artificial lighting, as I have full control on how the light works. I love the flexibility to be able to work at anytime of the day (and into the night as well for big projects), as well as knowing exactly how my light will turn out in my images. Plus this allows me to play and experiment with lighting to create new and excited ways to light my images. I generally work with a three-light set up, and create the mood from scratch (from a blank, dark ‘canvas’). Did you know that the word “photography” literally means “painting with light”? This is what I do, I “paint” my images with light. LocKlick
    Food photographer Maxine Lock (maxine_lock). Photo of 03 February
  • Craig Kinder Perth (Australia) Also serving: Sydney (Australia) Hello. And welcome fellow food lover. My name is Craig Kinder. I’m a photographer. A trained photographer. With twenty-years plus experience. I’m based in Perth, Western Australia. I work around the country and around the world. I love shooting food; from paddock to plate. I’m inspired by the energy of chefs, and the passion of food producers. I’m driven by the challenge of each shoot. Making each different from the last. I set out to create food photography with a feel for the subject, not just a focus point. I’m told that one of my best attributes is the ability to work with anybody, from the CEO of a big company, to the humble fisherman on a Sri Lankan beach. The collection of cookbooks I’ve photographed has just crashed through the 40 barrier. Some have won local and international awards. All have won friends. You can trust me to deliver on time and within budget. Please contact me to discuss your next project. Regards Craig Kinder Craig Kinder Food Photography
    from 250$ for 2 hours of work
    Food photographer Craig Kinder (craig-kinder493). Photo of 16 February
  • Nevena Gulic Sydney (Australia) My name is Nena, professional food photographer and stylist. I’m food enthusiast, but then again who doesn’t love food? Right? I love to travel and explore different cuisine and capture delicious food at its best. You can jump on board on this exciting journey with me. Every Bite You Take
    Food photographer Nevena Gulic (nevena-gulic212). Photo of 08 May