Food photographers in Sydney

  • 53 images selected 53 Maxine Lock Sydney (Australia) I love food, and I love photography, and there is nothing more that I love than being able to play/style/eat food while taking beautiful images! I also love playing with liquids, and I do have quite a bit of fun making a mess and being creative with beverage images! I then developed further and took an interest in product photography as well, and love using my creativity in getting the products to stand out within an image, while utilising countless props that I have accumulated in my studio over the years.
    Food photographer Maxine Lock (maxine_lock). Photo of 21 September
  • 19 images selected 19 Nevena Gulic Sydney (Australia) My name is Nena, professional food photographer and stylist. I’m food enthusiast, but then again who doesn’t love food? Right? I love to travel and explore different cuisine and capture delicious food at its best. You can jump on board on this exciting journey with me. Every Bite You Take
    Food photographer Nevena Gulic (nevena-gulic212). Photo of 29 September