Abeer Estaitia




🇯🇴 Jordan

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Amman (Jordan)




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1st place in Jordan

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3 years

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Culinary artist behind the lens, turning kitchens into my playground and food into a visual fiesta.
Snapping smiles, one bite at a time.

Winning photos

You are better than chocolate..you adjust my mood without adding calories. A textured photos are mood adjustment tool too???

64th Collection

Catch your moment of the day. Stop the time, Relax and enjoy a cup tea, everything will be better.
Freezing motion photography

63rd Collection

This sophisticated piece of heaven will take you back to your childhood reminiscences of your mom’s traditional loved flavors. This gourmet Labneh sandwich is made with delicious multi-grain bread and layers of a unique sharp salty flavor of Labneh topped with toasted sesame seeds and a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

62nd Collection