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Albany, Georgia

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3 years

For specialist food photographer Curtis Gallon, each image he shoots is a delicate balance of composition, framing and lighting. Curtis was drawn to this area of photography through his own love of food and the role it plays connecting people and culture. He relishes the intricate process of crafting each shot to achieve a perfect blend of enticing simplicity. Inspired by his passion for the subject, Curtis is continually honing and refining his craft. On set he is relaxed and calm, and strongly believes that food shoots are a team endeavour.

Winning photos

Biscuits and cheese, served floating on a bed of flowers. This was shot for a restaurant in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Shot with flash I really tried to copy the natural light that would appear in the restaurant during its lunch service. We had to shoot this in studio because of some restrictions.

65th Collection

Tuna Tartar. Shot for a restaurant in Sandton with flash.

I love the colour pallet of this shot, soft pinks and golds. the trickiest part of this shot was getting the hard light to look natural. The dish bursts with flavours of ginger.

65th Collection

Springbok Salad, Springbok is a type of Antelope indigenous to South Africa, extremely lean but full of falvour. Shot with flash

65th Collection

Hummingbird Cake shot for a restaurant in Johannesburg South Africa. This was shot using natural light .
I really love the soft light, however the cake was beautifully decorated.

65th Collection

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