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Pastry chef / Recipe creator / Food photographer.

Welcome to my world, full of delicious taste, beautiful pictures and positive energy.

I recently found my interest in food photography, after I realised, that my desserts should not be just delicious in taste but people should feel the taste and smell just looking at a picture.

My photos do more than make you hungry. They create experiences, evoke emotions, and bring people together in a meaningful way.

If you would like to find more about my life as a pastry chef - visit my Instagram account @elnagornova. I will be happy to see you there!


Winning photos

My homemade sourdough potato bread.

Nothing beats fresh warm bread coming out of your oven, tearing it apart to see hot steam escape while the smells make you dizzy.

And it’s a perfect “main hero” for my photo shooting!

86th Collection

Here is my gluten-free and refined sugar free cookies. To create the recipe I have to rework it several times, but the result worth it!

85th Collection

Ice cold water in a hot day.
I shot this scene in a one of hot summer days of 2022.

To create the splash I used a big artificial ice cube and dropped it into the glass. After that it had been broken …I have just few pictures from this session but luckily I’ve made few great pics before the incident.

P.S. Created with natural light

83rd Collection