Ariel Rozenbaum



Oakland, California

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Milkshake Creative

Starting out in video, I found my interest in food photography. With COVID-19 lockdowns in place, I found myself with nothing to shoot but food. Taking the variation that comes from any shoot and combining it with my passion for outdoor sports and movement, I most enjoy throwing food around and making it “float”. I guess mom didn’t quite instill the “don’t play with your food” creed hard enough!

Winning photos

I wanted to create some dynamism in what would otherwise be a static shot of a gradient across embossed text. I did this by raising and lowering the end of the bottle and shooting continuously until I had liquid movement I was happy with.

92nd Collection

This was a wedding gift for friends. She likes sushi and he hates onions.

92nd Collection

This was for work on a personal series of RGB. Obviously this was G.

91st Collection

I shot the bottle over a year ago but when I got to editing, the stock splashes and liquify layers were putting too much strain on my computer so I wasn't able to finish until I upgraded. I am happy that I waited since my original idea didn't include using the splashes as an "S" for Sia.

89th Collection

This is one of the shots I’m most proud of. I liked the roundness of the bottle and the gold cap, and I had been wanting to use these reflective gold coasters I found.
9 photo composite.

88th Collection

I liked the old style look of the syrup tin and wanted to incorporate it in a punchy photo; almost like graphic design rather than an actual photo.

87th Collection

I just wanted to produce a better photo than the ones available on the website. I saw them and thought, "c'mon, you can see the softboxes on that!"

86th Collection

I happy with the process on this one: I used a solid gold card for the liquid glow but blended it with a glittery gold card to add texture and give the impression of the background coming through for a more natural look.

86th Collection

This print was a wedding gift for some good friends; she likes bagels and cream cheese, and he loves ketchup. 8 photo composite.

84th Collection

Taking inspiration from cosmetics photography–specifically nail polish drips–I attempted this style with one of my favorite snacks as the "Snacks" title page for my cookbook, "Eat Like Ariel".

80th Collection

Thanks to @aduadus and @javiferagu for helping me with the splashes so I could stay dry and @d00dlebugg9 for joining my slogging editing sessions.

77th Collection

Using this textured plastic from @tapplastics I was hoping to create the sense of gloopy syrup as the background for this oh so gloopy syrup!

77th Collection

Thanks to @aduadus, @juliatomacheski, and @organize_edesign for ice cream, milkshake, and Kahlua wrangling. Shot for National Coffee Milkshake Day.

76th Collection