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Chava Oropesa Photography

Hi! I’m Chava, an Oakland based Photographer and Creative Director whose love for photography and food, and even the packaging it comes in, has transformed into my life's passion.

Growing up in Mexico City filled my life with colorful culture which has deeply influenced both my design style and photography. Browse my portfolio and you’ll see that I am not a stranger to pops of color and dramatic lighting.

Winning photos

Client work for Peet's Coffee seasonal coffee.
The Vine & Walnut's packaging has a great orange hue, so I thought framing it with blue and warm orange highlights would be a good solution to help the bag stand out.
Food styling: Lorena Masso

89th Collection

I created this image just for fun!
I wanted to experiment with shooting those diamond glasses because I thought I could get some nice reflections and highlights, I thought the color palette that the surface has could be highlighted through the bourbon, and styling to create a photo with nice color harmony.

89th Collection

Client work, for Peet's Coffee. Creating images using their new packaging design.

88th Collection

Coconut Grapefruit Speculoos Tart for VegNews Magazine.
Food Styling: Lorena Masso

88th Collection

Ethiopian Super Natural, single origin limited release coffee. It was great to create these images, and how beautiful is that ceramic blue pour over piece for the filter!?
Client @peetscoffee
Styling @lorena_masso
Hand model @itsmadisonmendez

87th Collection

Peet’s Coffee Golden Lattes
Point of sale images for in-store and online
Warm earthy tones help tell the story for these Turmeric-infused Golden lattes with touches of ginger and honey.
This campaign included images for print with heros of the new drinks and their new caprese sandwich and lifestyle images for digital campaign.

87th Collection

Client work for Peet's Coffee. New packaging photography, for their organic coffee beans. Part of a Series to photograph the whole packaging lineup.

86th Collection

Client work for Kinship Foods, they approached me with the challenge to shoot their dumplings reflecting a very colorful and fun style. They wanted images that showed Asian food and ingredients in a non-traditional way. Using saturated colors and bright contrasting tones really gives these dumplings some life!

86th Collection

Rompope Jello shot for a personal project.
Rompope, the way I describe it, is similar to American eggnog: it is a milk-based beverage made with egg yolks, vanilla and rum. However, this liqueur is available year-round. Plus, it is not only enjoyed as a beverage but it also can be used in desserts, ice cream, coffee, and even gummies (my personal favorite). Although Rompope is traditionally vanilla-flavored, it can also be found in pecan, strawberry, walnut, cinnamon, and pine nut flavors.
This dessert is easy to make and so tasty that I guarantee you will have more than one piece. Plus, who can say no to a liqueur turned into an after meal treat?

Note: This dessert is NOT for kids! it contains alcohol.

85th Collection

Local Bay Area catering "Dos Raicez" amazing food: Uchepo, corn #tamal, pork rib in adobo rojo, crema, cotija.
Beautifully plated, had the joy of shooting this collaboration between chef Elton and visiting chef Alberto Palacios

85th Collection

Image created for Peet's Coffee to introduce their new packaging design initiative. One of a series that shows the new bag, boxes and capsules.

84th Collection

Pozole is probably the most traditional Mexican soup. It's served during celebrations and parties but it's also a big staple of everyday Mexican food. Primarily made with hominy, chicken or pork then topped with shredded lettuce, avocado, oregano, and radishes. This version was made with mushrooms, for VegNews magazine Christmas issue.

83rd Collection

"Champurrado" is a traditional Mexican beverage made with corn masa, water, chocolate and sweetened with piloncillo. It has a thick rich texture and is usually served warm to accompany tamales or churros.
Image created for a Christmas editorial for VegNew Magazine Holiday issue.

83rd Collection

Loads of peanut butter packed into a cookie that will melt in your mouth. Topped with flaky Maldon salt. The perfect balance of salty and sweet. I enjoy a good drip photo, brings fluid textures that contrast the cookie.

82nd Collection

Pink Lemonade cupcakes filled with raspberry compote. I love having colors contrast and complement each other. Having a pink surface, pink plate and the pink ombre glass helped the yellow on the frosting pop!

82nd Collection

The "Black Tie", one of 14 drinks photographed for Peet's Coffee Summer Campaign.
This iced delight is made with layered sweetened condensed milk, Cold Brew iced coffee, chicory infused simple syrup, and a float of half and half.

81st Collection

Photography for Blue Star Donuts. Blueberry Bourbon Basil donut combines fresh sweet blueberries, fresh fragrant basil, and a good bourbon (added for a hint of caramel depth). The basil is a refreshing balance to this deliciously sweet and colorful concoction.

80th Collection

New photography for Blue Star Donuts! Had the joy of shooting 10 of their delicious donuts for their e-commerce site.
The goal: elevate the ingredients and show the flavor in a fun and elegant way.
Pictured here is the Raspberry Rosemary Old Fashioned donut. Check my website for the rest of the images in this collection.

79th Collection

Grilled Pampano
From my ongoing project "Con Mucho Cariño" a collection of my mom's recipes.
This Fish is coated with a salsa made of Achiote and grilled wrapped in fresh banana leaf.
I wanted to use the banana leaf as the complete backdrop for this image, it has such a rich vibrant color!
Food styling: Lorena Masso

78th Collection

Salsa Borracha "Drunken Salsa" from my mom's family recipe.
It's a traditional salsa in Mexican cuisine, usually served with queso fresco or sliced avocado.
Made with roasted Pasilla Chiles, tomatoes, onion, garlic and the addition of some alcohol, some recipes call for pulque, tequila or beer. The alcohol is cooked off and gives it a delicious flavor.
The image was created to illustrate the recipe from my mom's book.
Food Styling: Lorena Masso

77th Collection