Chihiro Fujita




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1st place in Japan

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7 months

Studio Name

Onnea C Photo Atelier

Food photographer based japan.

I take photographs because I believe that my mission is to connect people to each other, and to connect the past to the future.


Winning photos

Hydrangea is in full bloom in Japan now.
I took a picture of a sweet named "Ajisai(Hydrangea)".
"Ajisai" is a rusk made from dried pound cake.

92nd Collection

Image of enjoying summer.

92nd Collection

Temari sushi is a dish that a small piece of various ingredients, such as vegetables, egg, or fish fillets is colorfully put on a bite-size vinegared rice ball.
Temari sushi can enjoy various tastes and appearances depending on the arrangement. It is a very artistic dish that is easy to make.

90th Collection