Tibor Galamb




­čçş­čç║ Hungary

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Vilnius (Lithuania)

Minimum price/hours

200$ per hour | 4 hours minimum



8 awards left until the Senior Member

1st place in Hungary

94th place in Lithuania

With us

1 month

Studio Name

Opiopio Creative Studio

Tibor Galamb is a photographer and director based in Budapest, Hungary. He specialises in creative advertising photography and available for commissioned work in the European Union and worldwide.

His first work consisted mainly of architecture and landscape images. After 3 years of studying civil engineering at Budapest University of Technology, he moved on to photography and completing his bachelor degree in Professional Photography at Edinburgh College in 2013. During his study Tibor started working in different areas of photography to improve his skills and gain experience in working with clients.

The combination of his former experiences from the film industry and the civil engineering helped him to build up a strong and unique visual style. This visual style and the high quality results, quickly made him popular among creatives. With a wide range of experience, Tibor is available for various assignments.

Winning photos

The image was created for Gaidelis biscuit brand.

97th Collection

The image was created to promote the newly launched flavours of Švyturys beer cocktails.

96th Collection

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