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Opiopio Creative Studio

Tibor Galamb is a photographer and director based in Budapest, Hungary. He specialises in creative advertising photography and available for commissioned work in the European Union and worldwide.

His first work consisted mainly of architecture and landscape images. After 3 years of studying civil engineering at Budapest University of Technology, he moved on to photography and completing his bachelor degree in Professional Photography at Edinburgh College in 2013. During his study Tibor started working in different areas of photography to improve his skills and gain experience in working with clients.

The combination of his former experiences from the film industry and the civil engineering helped him to build up a strong and unique visual style. This visual style and the high quality results, quickly made him popular among creatives. With a wide range of experience, Tibor is available for various assignments.

Winning photos

The image was created to promote the newly launched flavours of Švyturys beer cocktails.

102nd Collection

Cheese plate in chiaroscuro style.

102nd Collection

The Glenrothes will continue to engage with fans on the important days of the regional and global calendar... but with a twist.

The Glenrothes will celebrate these events by offering unknown insights and unexpected counterpoints to conventional understanding. Hidden traditions.

101st Collection

This Back to school campaign is advertising juicy, fresh and sweet tomatoes instead of sugary lollipops to children as a healthy alternative.

The company “Kietaviškių gausa” is the biggest greenhouse complex in the Baltic States, growing Lithuanian vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce.

The entire set is hand crafted, physically built in front of the camera.

All vegetables were eaten after the photoshoot!

101st Collection

It was shot for a Pepsi limited retro edition launch.

100th Collection

The Art of Conversation - Flavours

Playing on the famous game Trivial Pursuit, The Glenrothes will paint the “art of conversation” through a colourful lens of trivia.

The different whiskies from The Glenrothes Soleo Collection will guide fans and whisky experts alike with fun facts around whisky: traditions, making, history, and flavors. Think “Did you know...” pub banter, but a bit posher.

The bold pantone colours of the Soleo Collection (purple, red, orange, yellow) will extend the subtle nod to the well known category game.

100th Collection

Client - The Glenrothes
Producer - Tom J. Booth
Production - Opiopio Creative
Photography & Retouch - Tibor Galamb
Art direction - Tibor Galamb, Jolita Galamb
Creative direction - Anna Lisa Stone, Reeve Rixon

98th Collection

The image was created for Gaidelis biscuit brand.

97th Collection

The image was created to promote the newly launched flavours of Švyturys beer cocktails.

96th Collection

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