Melissa Foxman



Seattle, Washington

🇺🇸 The United States




9 awards left until the Senior Member

21st place in The United States

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5 months

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Melissa Foxman Photography

I'm a fine art conceptual photographer, with a focus on compelling and creative food images. I use color and lighting to tell dramatic and memorable stories.

Winning photos

One thing I love about food photography is getting to enjoy the food in the photos! Here it was hot cocoa, and made for the perfect treat during these cold winter days. I chose to use mini marshmallows to add to the sense of movement from the spilling cocoa. I wanted the movement to begin at the top of the frame, and travel all the way through to the bottom, so I made sure to get those upper splashes nice and high (and messy!) and then let the rest spill down the sides. Hot cocoa is such a fun drink, and that's what I wanted to show.

98th Collection