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Mi objetivo es inmortalizar la belleza singular de cada plato y la creatividad de los chefs, transformando sabores en momentos.

Winning photos

This photograph was taken for the menu of an Asian restaurant. We use lighting to highlight each dish and smoke to create a mysterious atmosphere

103rd Collection

We elevate these signature cocktails to a mysterious dimension, evoking the freshness of a river.

102nd Collection

We enhance the subtlety and elegance of classic ceviche through a mirror, thus enriching the sensory experience of this dish.

102nd Collection

With a futuristic approach that does not sacrifice elegance, we use a background with neon lights and a composition that highlights "causas limeñas".

101st Collection

With a strong light we simulate the entry of light through a window and with the wooden background, we manage to capture an image that evokes the mysterious Japanese essence.

101st Collection

We capture those fleeting moments where taste, atmosphere, and company merge. The color palette enriches this experience, evoking the unique emotions and sensations of sharing a meal.

100th Collection

We capture the essence of a dish cooked slowly; showcasing the ingredients and daily movements of the chef.
We use negative space to give more visual strength to the cooking of the dish, highlighting the day-to-day in a kitchen

100th Collection

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