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Food photographer/Food stylist from Lithuania.
My name is Skaiste, I am a foodie. I love everything about food. I love cooking, cookbooks, food photography, nicely set tables, gardening and summer BBQs. I love cooking at home for our friends and family, I love heart-warming stews in winter and improvising in my kitchen on a rainy day. It fills my heart with happiness and hopefully spreads arround to those who can be part of it.

Winning photos

On very rare occasions...
Our family consciously chose to consume meat only once a week, and beef only on very rare occasions. Today is the day...

88th Collection

A beautiful quiche loaded with green vegetables: asparagus, broccoli, spinach. I have also added some oyster mushrooms and all the aromatic herbs: fresh dill, parsley, thyme and a pinch of nutmeg for a final touch.

88th Collection

Favorite sweater and the warm home made game meet pies are keeping me warm these days...

88th Collection

This shot was inspired by a lovely red phone booth in London. It's fascinating how you can find inspiration in most unusual places.

88th Collection

Home made savory game meet pies. A truly heartwarming food for a chilly day.

88th Collection