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Food photographer/Food stylist from Lithuania.
My name is Skaiste, I am a foodie. I love everything about food. I love cooking, cookbooks, food photography, nicely set tables, gardening and summer BBQs. I love cooking at home for our friends and family, I love heart-warming stews in winter and improvising in my kitchen on a rainy day. It fills my heart with happiness and hopefully spreads arround to those who can be part of it.

Winning photos

The hot chocolate season is here and making it with a home made marshmallows is such a game changer. It immediately became our families HIT. I hope this photo conveys the contrast of frosty weather and a cup of warm hot chocolate.

85th Collection

I was getting my spice ready for an apple crumble pie and after putting them on the table I’ve realized that the spice (not the pie) will become the hero of my shot.

85th Collection

Paella. When it becomes dark and rainy outside I like to take my family to a short culinary journey. This time to the seashores of sunny Spain. The bright yellow rice, the taste of shafron and the scent of shells magically bring back all the summer memories. So when the autumn and the rain becomes too heavy, invite the sun into your plate.

85th Collection

Bread is a whole more than just a mere food. A simple loaf of bread is part of life, a daily necessity, that makes life a lot more hearty, fragrant, comforting and healthy. Forever grateful and never forgetting to appreciate the simple things in life. Never taking it for granted.

85th Collection

While it becomes uncomfortably grey and wet outside, the pantry shows its best and most colourful side. This is a short glimpse from photo series of my winter pantry essentials.

83rd Collection

One of the simplest ways to enjoy the best tastes and textures of figs is to eat them fresh on a sourdough bread toast, with a bit of a cream cheese or creamy goat cheese (of you like it) a drizzle of honey and a few rosemary leaves.

83rd Collection

A product shot for a client. Is it the imagination or do you really see the tastes of these macaroons? Multiple shots combined to catch the idea.

81st Collection

This is my interpretation of a ‘fast food’. Iberico ham and truffle camembert sandwich. I have played with different background colors to create special mood for each sandwich.

80th Collection