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Food photographer/Food stylist from Lithuania.
My name is Skaiste, I am a foodie. I love everything about food. I love cooking, cookbooks, food photography, nicely set tables, gardening and summer BBQs. I love cooking at home for our friends and family, I love heart-warming stews in winter and improvising in my kitchen on a rainy day. It fills my heart with happiness and hopefully spreads arround to those who can be part of it.

Winning photos

White Cosmo drop. I had this cocktail photo in mind for some time. But then only during the actual shooting, I have decided to bring this drink ‘alive’. One little droplet ads so much magic.

67th Collection

The dance of the bubbles. I was shooting a champagne glass collection, trying different lighting and wine movement techniques. When shooting this coupe glass I wanted to emphasize the color of this vintage champagne and the beautiful dance of the bubbles.

66th Collection

Easter meat pie. I was shooting this beautiful pie for my client, but I had to bake it myself since it was a ‘before and after' photoshoot. I was so happy about it because it's not just the end result that gives you the satisfaction it's the process of baking itself. It fills your home with mouth-watering scents and the feeling of coziness.

66th Collection

Sometimes all you need is a small bucket of happiness. A magical taste and texture of blueberry-blackberry ice cream. Ice cream always makes things better.

65th Collection

This picture is about the details of the grilled meat. I was trying to convey the heat, the scent, the sound and even the Maillard reaction that makes this steak so irresistibly delicious.

65th Collection

Blueberry ice cream. I had a vision of a cone of ice cream standing still in my photo for some time, the question was how to make it happen. And with ice cream it is always a matter of seconds before it starts melting and falling apart. But I guess the challenges are the reason why I love photography so much. It is about the moment when the idea, the construction and the postproduction meet and you get the result that is simply magical.

65th Collection

Carrot-ginger soup. There is nothing more comforting and soothing than the warmth and silky creamy texture of this soup. It's almost like a warm blanket just exactly when you need one.

65th Collection

I was training how to photograph fire, smoke and ashes and therefore have flamed and caramelized lots of marshmallows which consequently ended up in a beautiful dessert - S’mores.

64th Collection

This picture is about the anticipation. Anticipation of the magical moment in time when the frost turns these berries into piece of art or the anticipation of one irresistibly reaching for the chocolate drips to be swiped and licked from the finger.

64th Collection

Donuts with white chocolate and edible flowers. I guess I was craving for spring blossoms so much it got reflected in this donut composition. All winter I was heavily dependent on my studio lights and whenever I’ve tried to use natural light it was still too blue or too grey and suddenly when shooting these donuts the magic happened. The natural light was so soft and gentle I new the spring is near.

64th Collection

This is how chocolatiness looks like. Three different textures of chocolate: chocolate dribble, brownie and chocolate shavings meet and melt in just one bite.

64th Collection

Beautiful octopus stew with shafron and coconut milk. Now when the restaurants are closed and the travels are restricted you can choose to have a gastronomical journey to a different continent. This is a shot of our home ‘restaurant' dish and a short but marvelous journey to Brazil.

64th Collection

I wanted to make this orange, almond cake with bloody oranges, but I could not find any, anywhere in our city. But I guess sometimes restrictions release your creativity and I’ve decided to dye the oranges in beetroot juice. The result was magical.

63rd Collection

When I’ve put this piece of brownie on a plate it was something magic about it. The color, the texture, and that scent of freshly melted chocolate. With a little bit of proper lightning hopefully, I was able to stop the moment.

62nd Collection

It was so grey and gloomy outside and I’ve terribly missed the snow, so I’ve decided to make it snow at home. I hope I was able to convey this snowy evening mood in a nicely lit little farmhouse.

62nd Collection

With gingerbread cookies in season, I could not resist the temptation of taking the picture of it. Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in addition to it.

62nd Collection

I have challenged myself to take a different picture of pomegranate every day for 30 days, capturing it’s beautiful color, texture, shapes, and energy. This is day 21. Deconstruction.

61st Collection

Breakfast pancake stack of slow and dreamy Sunday morning. As a food photographer, I have always wanted to take a picture of a perfect pancake stack, so this is my try, my version of perfect morning pancakes.

61st Collection

I have challenged myself to take a different picture of pomegranate every day for 30 days, capturing it’s beautiful color, texture, shapes, and energy. This is day 4. Explosion.

60th Collection

One of my first attempts as a food photographer. I was trying to convey the silky texture and rich flavor of this eggplant halloumi stir fry. Guilty of grabbing family lunch from right under their noses.

58th Collection