Babette Zanforlin

Ibiza (Spain)

my name is Babette and i'm food addicted. I live in Spain now in the beautiful island of Ibiza but i grown up and studied at the Accademy of fine Arts in Urbino and traveling around. I love new experience, new emotions, new tastes. I graduated with a photography thesis about Guatemala but, if you want to travel you need money and for that i use to work in restaurants kitchens. Now i'm working like a pastry chef. While you're traveling on a budget you have to getting use to eat everything and taste all the most different foods, new spices, different way to cook, new fruit and vegetables. I think that food is an art, the combination of color and flavour, the balance you need to create is like create a painting, you need to know how prepare colours, use the pencil and have the perfect immagination. Food is art and i want to be part of this art.

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