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Hi, I am Veka (from Veronika). My origins are Slovak but I am based in Spain. I am a food stylist, photographer and videographer working with brands worldwide.

The food was always a passion for me, since I was a little girl when I spent infinite hours watching and helping my mother and my grandmother cooking and baking.

As a sourdough teacher myself, I understand firsthand the importance of the appearance of the food we are trying to sell or promote.

My mission is to help my clients highlight the beauty, quality and exquisiteness of their products through photographs and videos that captivate their clients' senses.

Winning photos

Just a refreshing cocktail on a hot afternoon.

103rd Collection

A delicious no bake cheesecake made from freeze dried pitahaya and decorated with freeze dried pineapple

103rd Collection

Homemade blueberry marshmallows. A delicious sweet treat with freeze dried blueberries to add some vitamins to it. This was a custom recipe done for one of my clients (BRIX) who makes the most amazing freeze dried fruit.

102nd Collection

This picture communicates the result of a homemade muesli bars recipe. The recipe was done together with a video and photos for one of my clients (BRIX) who makes quality freeze dried fruit and these muesli bars are done with freeze dried raspberries and mangoes.

100th Collection

This was a personal project - a product shot. I tried to gently capture and express the delicate taste of honey and almond of this beautiful chocolate.

100th Collection