Isabelle Hogeby

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

I’m a Swedish food photographer and stylist living in my favorite city in the world, Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is where I share my passion for food. On a typical Saturday afternoon, you’ll find me in my kitchen, crafting a nutritious and tasty meal. I strive to make every dish honest and genuine. My love for amazing food brought me to food photography. I wanted to find a way to capture the flavor, texture, taste, and vibrant colors of the food I was creating. I learned that it requires patience, improvisation, style, excellent lighting skills, and a great subject to capture the essence of a dish. There is nothing I love more than creating a great photograph that inspires others to put delicious food on their table. The subject matter needs to be composed with respect to the lens, the perspective and scale of the scene and the lighting needs to create the appropriate mood and atmosphere.

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