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SEBC Photography

London (United Kingdom)


Professional photographers/videographers based in London, specialised in Food Photography, with an academic degree in Photographic Arts.

With a background in the food industry, we draw inspiration from our Italian roots, international travels and the amazing array of cuisines in London.

Through our photography, we want to provide the visual link between the food industry and the consumer.


When it comes to our work, we pride ourselves in being efficient, effective and dedicated to achieving the goals we set together with our clients.

We play with the beauty and delightfulness of a dish to create a photograph that tempts the eyes.

We have experience in working with chefs, restaurants, and companies in building portfolios, websites and menus. We have had the pleasure to work with renowned Chefs such as Francesco Mazzei, Chef Patron at “Sartoria” Restaurant, and Susi Diaz, owner of “La Finca”, Michelin Star Restaurant in Alicante.

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