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Berkshire-based food and still life photographer.

Winning photos

Portrait of an organic broccoli. This one was so fresh and perfect that I had to take its picture using only one artificial light source.

89th Collection

Escargot with herb butter, captured my way.

89th Collection

Pomegranate and gin mocktail. I wanted to show that non-alcoholic drinks can look as cool as the ‘real’ ones; and you barely taste the difference.
This was also a little experiment with colour rules, monochromatic and complementary in one shot.

88th Collection

Macro image of a pomegranate. I've always had a similar image in my mind, but believe it or not until recently I didn't know
how to properly peel a pomegranate. The picture was taken with only one artificial light source to create this dark and mystical atmosphere.

87th Collection

Grünkohl, or kale, is a very popular German winter warmer dish. It's usually a very rustic dish and often captured as such, but I wanted to show it differently to bring out its beautiful side.

87th Collection

Linzer cookies filled with a homemade apricot and vanilla jam. I like taking my food pictures my own way, without (m)any props. This applies to Christmas cookies as well. The black background brings out the bright orange of the jam and the icing sugar adds a bit wintery touch to it.

86th Collection

50 shades of black. I love blackberries, not only are they very healthy but they are also very photogenic.
This picture was an experiment as it is all black. I found it very interesting to show how the different textures, which are all black, came out in the picture.

85th Collection

Close-up of a tray with roasted brussel sprouts, almonds and pancetta. This vegetable isn’t everyone’s favourite so I was trying to portrait it in a way that maybe change at least one persons mind and make them want to try it. I hope I accomplished my mission with this picture.

85th Collection

Levitation picture of a bowl of frozen peas and mint.
Green on black is a personal favourite, I used only one light source to highlight the bright green subject but at the same time trying to blend it into the black background.

84th Collection

When I picked the olives, my first thought was olive oil, how it would taste like when it’s freshly made. I was trying to visualise my thoughts in this picture, to show the context, but also to bring out the freshness and I wanted the viewer to taste the oil by just looking at the picture.

83rd Collection

Marmonde tomatoes, perfectly imperfect, all grown in my garden.
My idea to photograph them on dark/black background turned out to be more tricky for post processing than anticipated as the red was way out of gamut but I didn’t want to lose the beautiful colour either.
I used one artificial light source, soft box and a reflector.

83rd Collection

Mussels mariniere in warm stout. I have to give credit to Tom Kerridge for this picture as I got the recipe for this amazing dish from his Hand and Flowers cookbook.
Taking the picture was a bit of a challenge though as I work alone and it turned out that handling an espuma gun with one hand while holding a camera remote in the other is not as easy as it may seem ????.

81st Collection

Steak tartare, served with some simple greens on the side. This is one of my favourite dishes using only the freshest ingredients considering it is raw.

80th Collection

Dark chocolate and nuts, sprinkled with rose petals. I decided to use a white background for this picture, not my usual black.
I also did not use any artificial lighting, just window light and a reflector.

80th Collection

Olive oil and mozzarella cheese, this is a beautiful combination. Add some basil leaves to add additional flavour - and colour to the picture - and you have a perfect quick lunch.

80th Collection

Fresh green salad, red tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil and the impression of some early spring sunshine. With this
picture I just wanted to show that healthy food can be simple but doesn’t have to be boring.

79th Collection

Winter truffles have this beautiful black and white marbling. I have chosen the geometric background as a contrast and to guide the viewers eye towards the main subject, the truffle, but without adding too much additional colour noise.

79th Collection

This is a traditional Glencairn whiskey glass. I wanted to portray it in a way that gives the viewer an impression of the Scottish landscape with moss, rocks and some mystic light.

73rd Collection

A bowl of cooked mussels on a simple black set up, which I believe enhances the beautiful almost golden colour of the mussels without adding additional distractions.

73rd Collection

At least once a year in fall I have to make a pumpkin soup which marks the official end of summer for me. This picture took a bit of preparation as I had to get it right at the first few shots as otherwise, the dish would have been pumpkin seeds with soup rather than a creamy soup with a few bites.

72nd Collection