Food photographers in Australia

  • 35 images selected 35 Paul Williams Gold Coast (Australia) Also serving: Brisbane (Australia) I love my work, have been doing it for 16 years all over the world and am very fortunate to work with food stylists who understand how to best represent and balance our client’s dishes. Based on Australia’s Gold Coast, I’ve previously owned and operated studios in Singapore and Dubai – where I honed my craft shooting food for some of the most beautiful restaurants in the world. My previous profession as a graphic designer brought me a thorough understanding of successful marketing. Working for many hospitality clients in both Melbourne and London, I created brands that thrived in these markets with the benefit of contemporary design, photography and solid brand strategy. More than just a food photography service, Gold Coast and Brisbane f&b businesses gain an ongoing marketing support partner in us. I look forward to shooting with you soon… :-) Gold Coast Food Photography
    Food photographer Paul Williams (paul). Photo of 13 November
  • 35 images selected 35 Emma Sheldrake Brisbane (Australia) Sheldrake Creative
    Food photographer Emma Sheldrake (emma-sheldrake890). Photo of 19 February
  • 24 images selected 24 Maxine Lock Sydney (Australia) I'm a food, beverage & product photographer based in Sydney, Australia. I love food, and I love photography, and there is nothing more that I love than being able to play/style/eat food while taking beautiful images! I also love playing with liquids, and I do have fun making a mess and being creative with beverage images as well! I generally prefer to use artificial lighting, as I have full control on how the light works. I love the flexibility to be able to work at anytime of the day (and into the night as well for big projects), as well as knowing exactly how my light will turn out in my images. Plus this allows me to play and experiment with lighting to create new and excited ways to light my images. I generally work with a three-light set up, and create the mood from scratch (from a blank, dark ‘canvas’). Did you know that the word “photography” literally means “painting with light”? This is what I do, I “paint” my images with light. LocKlick
    Food photographer Maxine Lock (maxine_lock). Photo of 03 February
  • 15 images selected 15 Gary Wilson Perth (Australia) Colouring Light Studios
    Food photographer Gary Wilson (gary-wilson222). Photo of 21 March
  • 10 images selected 10 Eleonora Peti Perth (Australia) Eleonora Peti Photography
    Food photographer Eleonora Peti (norasveganpantry). Photo of 21 June
  • 7 images selected 7 Kate Scott Lismore (Australia) Also serving: Byron Bay (Australia) Having a camera in my hand has always been a natural thing for me. My partner and I took on a busy cafe 5 years ago, then a fine dining restaurant 2 years later. I could not have imagined what an asset it was to always have great shots on hand. It also didn't take me long to realise that I was becoming obsessive in my pursuit to capture the perfect shot of the amazing food coming out of the kitchens, and that my enthusiasm was relentless. I also came to love capturing the heart and soul of hospitality venues, that each have their own distinct character. ​ I now operate as a food photographer working, predominantly with businesses in the hospitality industry. Having been an owner/operator of hospitality businesses myself, I know what food businesses are looking for. I have a great feel for capturing awesome shots of food, venues and retail items that make them POP. Katie Joy Scott
    Food photographer Kate Scott (kate-scott370). Photo of 13 September
  • 6 images selected 6 Felicia Chuo Melbourne (Australia) Fliske's Food Studio
    Food photographer Felicia Chuo (chuofelicia). Photo of 24 January
  • 4 images selected 4 Sammy Jones Hobart (Australia) Food and product photographer based in Hobart, Tasmania. I have a focus on supporting and creating images of wholefoods/healthy products, locally grown and harvested foods and products. Living in Tasmania we have an abundant supply of fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables and I feel grateful to create inspiring images with these harvested foods and styling them with an intuitive, organic feel. I first picked up a camera 15 years ago in high school and spent any spare time I could in the darkroom. 4 years ago I got inspired again and purchased my first mirrorless camera. From there I went on to study diploma of photo imaging, which I have recently completed. I am a mum of two young boys and it has become extremely important to educate our younger generation, as well as inspire parents and community to create easy, healthy whole foods and take them on a culinary visual journey with food photography and working with brands to bring their product stories together. Sammy Jones Photography
    Food photographer Sammy Jones (sammy-jones787). Photo of 12 July
  • 2 images selected 2 Sally Hulse Melbourne (Australia) Sally Hulse Photography
    Food photographer Sally Hulse (sally.l.hulse). Photo of 20 March
  • 1 images selected 1 Nevena Gulic Sydney (Australia) My name is Nena, professional food photographer and stylist. I’m food enthusiast, but then again who doesn’t love food? Right? I love to travel and explore different cuisine and capture delicious food at its best. You can jump on board on this exciting journey with me. Every Bite You Take
    Food photographer Nevena Gulic (nevena-gulic212). Photo of 02 July
  • 1 images selected 1 Nadine Shaw Brisbane (Australia) Nadine Shaw is Brisbane’s premium food photographer delivering consistent, high-quality assets for food-related brands, through Feast Photography. With an experienced and skilled team of collaborators, at Feast, we help clients in all sectors of the food and hospitality industry create targeted imagery specific to their individual requirements. From high-end advertising photography to attention-grabbing videos and animated gifs, Feast can help you to capture your clients' attention. Our team has over two decades of experience and deeply understands the industry and its complexities. As such, we are not only technically skilled but have the explicit knowledge to help direct you in presenting your product or service in the most palatable way. Feast Photography
    Food photographer Nadine Shaw (dine). Photo of 04 July
  • Craig Kinder Perth (Australia) Also serving: Sydney (Australia) Hello. And welcome fellow food lover. My name is Craig Kinder. I’m a photographer. A trained photographer. With twenty-years plus experience. I’m based in Perth, Western Australia. I work around the country and around the world. I love shooting food; from paddock to plate. I’m inspired by the energy of chefs, and the passion of food producers. I’m driven by the challenge of each shoot. Making each different from the last. I set out to create food photography with a feel for the subject, not just a focus point. I’m told that one of my best attributes is the ability to work with anybody, from the CEO of a big company, to the humble fisherman on a Sri Lankan beach. The collection of cookbooks I’ve photographed has just crashed through the 40 barrier. Some have won local and international awards. All have won friends. You can trust me to deliver on time and within budget. Please contact me to discuss your next project. Regards Craig Kinder Craig Kinder Food Photography
    from 250$ for 2 hours of work
    Food photographer Craig Kinder (craig-kinder493). Photo of 16 February
  • Leeanne Mason Canberra (Australia) I am a Canberra-based photographer specialising in Food, Product, Editorial and Lifestyle Photography.  I collaborate with brands to find out what they really want, and wear many hats, cooking, styling and photographing their products. My preference is working with natural light to produce natural-looking images for clients. As an accredited professional photographer I am committed to my professional development and advocating for the industry. I would love to work with you! Lees Lens Photography
    Food photographer Leeanne Mason (leeslensphotography). Photo of 24 July
  • Kairi Kaljo Brisbane (Australia) Lemon & Rye
    Food photographer Kairi Kaljo (kairi-kaljo290). Photo of 04 July
  • 2 images selected 2 Sandra Abu Rabei Amman (Jordan) Also serving: Brisbane (Australia)
    Food photographer Sandra  Abu Rabei (Sandygreynolds). Photo of 23 December