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I am a Canberra-based photographer specialising in Food, Product, Editorial and Lifestyle Photography.  I collaborate with brands to find out what they really want, and wear many hats, cooking, styling and photographing their products. My preference is working with natural light to produce natural-looking images for clients. I am committed to my professional development and advocating for the industry. I would love to work with you!

Winning photos

How to make the humble mashed potato look appealing? Using colour and props to tell the story, fresh green herbs added to the dish, scissors midway through cutting the chives, using linen to replicate the fold of the silky smooth potato. The visual weight of the spoon ready for someone to pick up and scoop up the buttery goodness.

102nd Collection

These are Cherry Lime Mint Pops made with a seasonal summer cherry harvest. I think this was the perfect recipe to showcase the texture of these frozen cherries. Letting them melt a bit and smearing the juice around was a compositional choice.

101st Collection

This is called a Magic Bean Cake. It is made with kidney beans coffee and dark chocolate. I 'dressed' it with chocolate ganache and fresh berries.

101st Collection

Creating something by hand is a mindful process. That's what I love about photography, being immersed in the moment. By focusing on the manual muddling of some fresh pesto in a mortar and pestle is a methodical feeling and helps you savor the process and enjoy the end result so much more.

This was shot at a 45 degree angle with Godox AD300 lighting with a 60cm modifier and grid to create the illusion of morning light.

100th Collection

Pesto Eggs. Adding pesto provides a delicious flavour bomb to poached eggs and with some wholemeal toast you have a Winter Warmer brunch treat. You can scramble the eggs and pesto together to make an omelette, or just enjoy them as a topping.

I used a 60 cm modifier on a Godox AD300 from the side and slightly from above to simulate winter light.

100th Collection

Deconstructed Basil Pesto, shot overhead with a very simple one light set up. Using a Godox AD300 through a Scrim and placing a reflector opposite.

100th Collection

Handmade pasta, I love the texture and softness of the flour and egg together and by using hands in frame this brings the viewer into the scene and the lighting and shape of the pasta creates movement.

99th Collection

Parfait au chocolate with Orange Liqueur, Summer Berries and Raspberry coulis.

97th Collection

I made these delicious BBQ Vegetable Kebabs with a green salad and chilli oil and spring onion garnish. I used all of the accompaniments to help tell the story and show abundance.

94th Collection

I found an old window in its frame at the recycling center and a friend gave me some olive branches from her olive tree which both were used to create this scene. I angled my Godox AD300 through a scrim to emulate winter window light and to illuminate this delicious Spiced Carrot and Walnut Bundt Cake.

93rd Collection

This is my Mille Feuille with Ruff Puff Pastry, topped with Pickled Strawberries in balsamic vinegar, infused with rosemary and vanilla. The layers contain piped sweetened Ricotta. The flavours were so amazing, they just balanced themselves perfectly.

93rd Collection

This is my Pancake Spaghetti. I tried to replicate a traditional pasta dish photo, instead of parmesan I topped the dish with grated white chocolate, I used raspberries instead of tomatoes, mint leaves instead of basil and Maple Syrup, just because..

92nd Collection

Delicious Dutch Baby Pancakes with Fresh Berries and Yoghurt. This is an overhead composition using the Golden Ratio, Phi Grid and the S Curve. It is always difficult to guage just how much fill light is enough until you see it.

90th Collection

I wanted to do a still life of these tropical fruits in an old masters style and used multiple exposures composited together to get a painterly feel.

88th Collection

I wanted to show the texture of these adorable mini bundt cakes by using a high side light and then mixed the icing to a similar green colour as the linen and foilage. The wooden tray served as a frame for the pan and hero food.

87th Collection

This is a Cherry Sponge decorated with Lady Fingers in a Still Life scene with a holiday theme colour composition. I lit the background in addition to the lamp and used a softbox to light the scene from different angles.

86th Collection

This Blood Orange Bundt Cake was delicious! I wanted to highlight the lovely pattern created by the tin. Icing sugar is a great way to create texture and freezing the granules took quite a few goes! A high shutter speed helps.

85th Collection

Chocolate Macarons with dark chocolate ganache lit with a large softbox from the side with a reflector just in the corner. I love how linen and cocoa creates a gorgeous texture with the right lighting. Whilst not perfect these Macarons definately tasted perfect!

85th Collection

Coconut Matcha Panna Cotta with a little maple syrup for sweetness and a side of blueberries. Using the Golden Spiral to arrange the plates and utensils leads the viewer around the image. The texture of the Matcha powder is highlighted by a low side light.

82nd Collection

I created this Drinks Splash image with a Godox AD300 from behind and slightly off to the side. I used Altina Drinks non alcoholic white wine and ice cubes containing rose petals as the subject and by using continuous shooting mode I had a few options to choose from.

81st Collection