Food photographers in Czech Republic

  • 10 images selected 10 Lucie Chramostová Prague (Czech Republic) Commercial photographer, food and art. Dílna Kalaš
    Food photographer Lucie Chramostová (lucie). Photo of 19 April
  • 3 images selected 3 Jana Cahova Prague (Czech Republic) Jana Cáhová
    Food photographer Jana Cahova (janacahova4). Photo of 16 August
  • 2 images selected 2 Alena Přichystalová Olomouc (Czech Republic) Food photographer/Food stylist from Czech republic. Hello! I’m happy that you’re here. My name is Alena. I love everything about food. I love food photography, leafing through cookbooks and nice table set ups. I love baking for my friends and family. My passion is to tell stories through my work. Food is all about emotions and there is always a story behind waiting to be told. What I do Photography (Food, Products & People) Food styling Food & recipes content Alena Přichystalová
    Food photographer Alena Přichystalová (moncafeblog). Photo of 21 October
  • 136 images selected 136 Wolfgang Rada Vienna (Austria) Also serving: Prague (Czech Republic) Wolfgang is a food photographer based in Vienna, Austria. His style is light infused, colorful and bright, rich in contrast and intense. This results in modern and timeless pictures. His way to work is easy going and supportive. He thinks that the most important part of a successful shoot is that everyone involved has fun doing it. Pls follow his instagram stream at for more of his work
    Food photographer Wolfgang Rada (WolfgangRada). Photo of 15 September