Daniele D'agostino




Number One Food Photographer in 2022


🇮🇹 Italy

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Selected photos in 2022

Number One Food Photographer in 2022


Master of Photography

22 awards left until the Grand Master of Photography

1st place in Italy

35th place in The United States

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5 years

Studio Name

Dag Pro Studio

I'm an Italian photographer and videomaker specialized in food, still life and product advertising. I'm based in Tuscany, I work throughout Italy and collaborate with some international clients, in the USA, Mexico and Germany.

Winning photos

More areas with the different deep of field.
This create more realism.
Colors, shadow and blurs help to work for catch the focus on the producs.
Shoot by nikon d810, 3 strobo lights.

84th Collection

All over design with theese zenith perspective. Colors a shapes make funny composition.
Chef “Michele Pidone” from urbani truffles academy.
Shoot by nikon d810 an 24-70 2.f.

84th Collection

Advertising work for frozen truffles.
Digital composition of many real shots of ice and truffles.
Shoot by Nikon D810 and 24-70 f2.8 nikkor lens. Two strobo lights.

84th Collection

Different planes of deep of field work to create great tridimensional look for this extra virgin DOP italian olive oil.
Shoot by Nikon d810, and 70-200 f2.nikkor

84th Collection

Clean set up for minimal food.
Sushi is a very popular food in the world and all people that lissen sushi word think at the simple ingredients, light colors and delicate flavor. This shot reflect the sushi soul.
Shot by Nikon D810 with 2 strobo lights and 24-70 f.28 nikkor lens,

84th Collection

Salmon and summer truffle.
Truffles is a tipical ingredient for dish of earth but when it meet the sea food magic happens.
Shot with NikonD850, 105mm macro lens and 2 strobo lights.

84th Collection

Extra virgin olive oil from Lecce, in Puglia, southern Italy.
The real leaves reinforce the idea of ​​fresh oil, just out of the mill.
Shoot by Nikon D810, 105 mm lens and 3 strobo lights.

84th Collection

Dip in water while washing tomato in the process for Italian tomato sauce, one of the most important ingredients in the italian kitchen.
Shoot with nikon D850 and 2 light strobos.

84th Collection